7 Week Chakra Balance and Cleanse

After an amazing vacation in the Northwest, I came back to Florida feeling sluggish, hot, depressed, way too busy, and more negative than I like. UGH.  So I decided  the perfect way to heal myself would be to do some sort of cleanse.   I thought of some options, but nothing sounded right. Hmm what to do?  YOGA!!!!   I did a long amazing  restorative yoga session in my back yard, set my intention on clarity and healing, and came up with my own customized cleanse.  Very simple.  Very healing. Exactly what I need! 


The Diet:  Raw food only!  As much and as often as I would like. Avacados, nuts and seeds are what will keep the hunger away. To drink, purifed water,  herbal tea, and lemonade made with lemons and honey. Mmmmm.

The Duration: 7 weeks  One week for each of the 7 major chakras. Each week will focus on cleansing and balancing a specific chakra.  Start with the Root Chakra, then Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye, Crown.   

Breathing: Each week I focus on  different Pranayama (breathing) exercises and different mudras(hand gestures) to hold during pranayama practice.

Meditation:  Meditate once in the early morning and once in the evening. 

Crystals:  Charge purified water with Clear and Rose Quartz crystals. (Be careful which stones to charge… some stones are toxic). Charging stones is simple and effective.  Place stones in a glass of water.  Cover the top.  Place outside in the sun.  Wait for several hours and then the charged water is ready to drink!  Ahhh.   And of course,  wear and carry stones that correspond to the specific chakra for each week. Crystals are magick! 

Journaling:  I am being realistic and asking myself to journal at least once per week.

Exercise: Yoga, dance, walking, swimming.  Or anything else that feels restorative during a cleanse.

REIKI:  Each week I must give and recieve Reiki  at least once. (I will go into more detail about Reiki healing another time.)

Let’s not forget that the best way to balance and heal is to spend time  in nature!!   I plan on hugging as many trees as I can and floating in the warm lovely sea.     🙂

My intention is to share my experiences both the good and the bad each week and see what happens.

Feeling good about my Cleanse!

Om Shanti~T


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