The Cleanse is really just beginning

Well, I think my cleanse is bringing me clarity and helping me get in tune even more with my body and spirit.  The first two weeks of the cleanse were okay.  Then starting around week three, I started to grow very tired of eating only raw and seemed to be hungry quite often.  I was exahusted most of the time and really didn’t think I was doing my body any favors by eating only raw.  So, After week three, I decided there was no way I could continue completely raw.   I had to add back some cooked food. So now I am eating 75 percent raw and 25 percent cooked.  My body feels much better.  Adding beans has helped tremendously.  I think I just needed more protein. And I think some bodies need a little bit of cooked food. Or at least mine does!

I have realized through this cleanse that I do have issues with Gluten and dairy, as many of us do.  I will refrain from consuming dairy or gluten for a very long time. My body had several years where cheese and wheat were a staple.. and I have come to realize that many health issues I have had in the past are directly related to consuming foods I shouldn’t have.  Inflammation, arthritis?  Nerve pain?  All can be helped (at least a little by cutting out theses foods) Have acne? Try cutting out wheat and dairy for a month.. it will probably make a huge difference!  It has for me!

I have way more energy now and am starting to enjoy a stronger yoga practice.   My body feels good. 

As for the meditation two times a day, I love it!  I honestly don’t understand how people cope with their busy, hectic, crazy lives without it.   Sometimes we have to  tune the external world out and recharge.  And recharging feels so good.  🙂

Relaxing with hot stone therapy/rockart

I have noticed that my dreams are becoming more vivid and I keep a journal close to my bed so when I wake I write them down right away.  It is interesting to see how often parts of my dreams are actually premonitions.  My guess is that as I am cleansing out toxins and spending more time in meditation, I am awakening gifts that were already there.   The Siddhis are supernatural powers that are written about in the Yoga Sutras. We all have the potential to attain these gifts.  Speaking of gifts, the energy healing work that I do has become much stronger for me, and my clients have noticed as well. 

The 7 weeks have come and gone… but the cleanse is really just beginning.

 Take care. Om Peace. ~Electric Girl


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