Restorative Yoga

 Everyone goes through periods in life when they are drained to the point of barely functioning and can do nothing beyond breathing and staring at the wall.  This my dear friend, is when restorative yoga is of utmost importance.  I know I have avoided several nervous breakdowns by letting go and restoring through yoga.  Obviously when you are exahusted to this point, you have to restore and build up energy reserves , if you want to avoid losing your mind completley.   It has taken years of  experiencing the  ups and downs of life for me to really begin to pay attention to my body and spirit and know when I need to restore.  There are several yoga poses one can do in a restorative practice and I highly recommend taking a restorative class.   Pillows, yoga blocks, towels, and blankets are often used in a way that help one  feel nurtured and loved- which is especially crucial when you are drained. When there is no energy or time to take a class, there are some really simple and  lovely restorative poses most of us can easily do at home without props anytime we are feeling blue. 

Reclining Knee to Chest Pose

Lay on your back  either on a bed or a yoga mat and simply bring your knees to your chest.  Wrap your arms around your legs and very gently rock from side to side.  Keep your head and neck relaxed.  Eyes closed.  Slow deep breathing through the nose.  AHHHH so lovely.

Legs Up the Wall Pose 

Another great restortive pose is to simply rest with your  legs up the wall.  Again lay on your back on either the bed or a yoga mat, place your legs up  the wall, slide the buttocks near the wall, close your eyes and breathe through your nose. Place an eye pillow over eyes, close your eyes and breathe through your nose.  Stay in position for at least 5 mins. 

Reclined bound angle pose

Still laying on your back, bring the soles of the feet together, open the knees out to the sides and feel a gentle relaxing inner thigh stretch as well as a peaceful energy moving through your whole body as you breathe slow and deep through your nose. 

These three poses,called asanas in yoga, are simple, gentle, and amazingly powerful in their ability to help shift our energy  and lift our spirits.

As a yoga teacher, one of my greatest pleasures is to teach a restorative class.  It is amazing to witness the magic.  Within a few minutes of the practice, a blanket of calm seems to cover the entire room. The breathing is slow,  tension dissolves, and deep powerful healing occurs.   I feel good sharing this wisdom and being a part of something so positive.  Yoga, I love you.  ~t


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