Tell it to a Tree

I grew up in the Northwest. In Olympia, Washington.  I never realized  how lucky I was to grow up there until I went back this summer. Talk about beautiful!  The Olympics to the west, the Cascades to the east,  and a giant beautiful bay, Puget Sound, dotted with little islands.  There are evergreen trees everywhere. Deer, hawks, and bald eagles are everywhere too.  Everywhere!

As a kid, I spent a lot of time  in the woods near my grandma’s house.  Seriously, there were acres upon acres of dense woods.  There were  hills to explore, and creeks to wade in, rocks to climb, trees to climb, forts to make, and ghost stories to tell.  I spent a large part of my childhood in those magical woods.   I spent alot of time exploring with my brother and sister, and a few friends that lived on farms nearby. But I also spent alot of time alone in the woods. I had trees that were my friends and secret places I never shared with anyone. 

We were really poor when I was growing up but that didn’t stop us from having adventures.  My parents loved to camp. Our weekends were full of  camping, hiking, and spending time in the woods. We hiked all over Mt Rainier, all over the Olympics, and while we definitely spent time “car camping”, we also went on  backpacking trips.  Backpacking trips are the best. No cars, no buildings,  no signs of the modern world. Carry everything in a backpack,  hike a few miles, eat, explore.  Hike a few more miles, eat again, explore again. Hike a little further,  set up camp, eat, explore, stare into a warm fire, and sleep under the bright stars.  All the time breathing  in the magic.

On hike to Olympic Hot Springs....stopping to share some love! AHH I love the Olympics!

Since I was very young, I would notice and connect with certain trees.  I would  talk to the trees, hug them, ask for wisdom and guidance, and I always felt a real and powerful connection.   Even now (especially now), I find trees to spend time with.  I close my eyes, breathe slow and deep, ask the tree if I may recieve healing.  I place my hands on the trunk of a tree. I feel all the sensations as my energy and the energy of the tree merge  on a deep level.  I ask the tree to heal my wounds and grant me wisdom.  I tell the tree all my worries, all my fears, all my secret desires, anything and everything that  is on my mind.  And the tree listens, and I feel better.

I love trees!

I am most relaxed and I feel my best when I am deep in nature.  There is so much beauty and wisdom in a forest.  Everything  works together in harmony and the beauty found in nature is  beyond words.  When you are open, aware, and fully present you can feel the healing energy  buzzing all around. 

Living in South Florida is hard for me, there are buildings, roads, cars, and people everywhere.  But I  know there is a reason I am here.  So I try to appreciate the beauty around me. My backyard has become a wild jungle.   I  have beautiful trees and plants, birds, butterflies, and bees that love my yard.  There is a family of squirrels that hang out, a wild chicken that lives in the yard, and an occasional hawk that likes to land on my clothesline.  Although the land here is very different, and the drive out of the city is a bit further,  there are  magical forests  in Florida too.

Back in Florida making music!

  Where ever you  live,  spend time in nature.  Let go of your worries and just breathe.  Practice yoga in the woods (yoga deep in the woods is like floating in paradise). Go camping.  Hug and talk to trees, talk to the animals. Connect to the wisdom of our Mother. And bee happy. ~t

My son and his two cousins, making friends with a frog

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