See the Magick

There is magick is all around us all the time.  Take a good look around.

Coral vine. Bees and Butterflies love it!

I have a really awesome son.  He is 12.  He is smart, funny, talented, and very kind.  We do alot together.  And he has had a pretty adventurous life so far (blame it on his mom).  Ha!   We meditate together.  We  also spend “quiet” time in our yard, where we very slowly and quietly walk around and observe nature.  

Our awesome backyard. Mother Nature does it better.

 We pay close  attention to the plants, the smells, the birds, the bees, the lizards, the spiders, whatever else is hanging around. We observe their behavior and notice tiny little details.  Life is pretty amazing  when you give yourself a chance to  notice. 

Dragonflies are magical

Well, today we observed a swarm of dragonflies.  They were amazing, there were hundreds of them all over the backyard.  We were so amazed at the sight of them that we did a little research.  We learned that dragonflies spend their first two years as water creatures called nymphs or naiads.  Then they transform and become amazing air creatures.  Talk about Magick! 

Those tiny little specks are hundreds and hundreds of Dragonflies!

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