Under the light of the waning moon

Last night was amazing. 

My son had a sleepover with a group of kids, and I went on an adventure.  An adventure full of magic.  Magic and mosquitos.

   I went with a group of friends to the beach in Hobe Sound.  The moon was bright and incredible, and the storms far on the horizon were electric.  Lightening of every shape and color  lit up the night sky, creating an amazing show.  The water was calm and the moon’s reflection bright on the water.  It was amazing. We played ukulele, sung some songs, did some yoga, enjoyed some fire dancing (with poi balls), and went swimming (clothing optional).  But the most incredible part was the sea turtle.  A huge leatherback sea turtle.  We quietly hung out with the turtle  while it dug it’s nest but the mosquitos were so bad that even with citronella oil we were being swarmed and eaten up.  So, out of pure necessity, we had to swim in the ocean to avoid getting bit by those darn mosquitos. And, oh how tragic, the water was only 85 degrees. Ha!  It was awesome.   Anyways, in a desperate attempt to avoid the mosquitos, while we waited for the turtle to finish digging and laying her eggs, we took turns getting out of the water and running up to the dune to check on her.  When it was my turn, I relcutantly left the safety of the water and headed up to check on the turtle.  She was finished!  I let everyone know and we all got out of the water and watched.. we watched the turtle slowly go back to the water.    An then we swam with the giant magical turtle as it went back out to sea.     It was one of those nights that was totally spontaneous, with  no expectations,  but the energy was blissful.  We all felt it.  It was a beautiful night full of love  that I will never forget.  ~tiff


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