I want more love

So today is an excellent day to manifest. I am manifesting positive changes in my life.

I have a vision of  land, natural, beautiful, wild land that will stay wild, except for a tent,  a yurt, or a tiny straw bale house.  I envision a loving wild space where people can come and heal. I want to live simply,  learn more about medicinal plants, and spend more time doing yoga.  I need to devote even more time to energy healing  and cultivate more compassion.  I want to love more. And I want more love.

 I realized long, long ago, that I will never be “normal.”  Sorry DAD!  I will never have  a conventional life, nor would I want one.  I know I am here as a healer, a teacher, and an ever growing student.

We are all connected to each other. In healing others I heal.  In healing myself, I heal others.  In healing the world, we heal all.

I recently saw a documentary called Queen of the Sun.  It was so good I saw it twice- I had to take my son, “MOM, why don’t they teach us about this in school?!?!?!?”   Please watch the film!  Some would say it is a documentary about honey bees, and it is, but it is also a huge  wake up call about the way we live, the way we treat eachother, and the way we treat our Mother Earth.  Seriously, it is time for change.  Once you start seeing the interconnection and interdependence  between all of us, you cannot ignore it. Nor would would you want to.

Guess what?  Things are really out of balance now. 

Dr Seuss figured it out long ago.

Go read the Lorax.  And don’t ask me why.  Go read the Lorax and eat apple pie. 🙂

Seriously, if you read it and you get it, it is very powerful. 


Look at the modern world.  Technology, internet, cell phones, i-phones, skype, texting, facebook, email, we have so many new ways to communicate, yet most of us feel lonelier and more lost than ever.  

Depression, loneliness,  selfishness, can you relate?  (If you say no, I bet  your pants are on fire). Ha! 

HMMMMM?  Why so lost?

Because deep down at the core of our beings, we know we are disconnected from truth.   We are  taught harmful “untruths”  from a very young age. We are taught to look out for # 1.  We are taught to believe in a system that is flawed and corrupt.  A system that generates fear and hatred, greed and poverty.   These “untruths” we learn and this system we live in create a self-centered cut-throat world, and can only contiune to create  self-centered, confused, sad, frightened, disconnected beings, unless we plant the seeds of change

Change begins Within

People NEED to spend a few minutes everyday completley shut off from the external world.  Eyes closed.  Breathing slow and deep.  Mind calm and clear.  Relaxed.   Our true selves rise into conciousness and we experience peace, love and compassion . We are lit from within.  Kindness, love, and compassion bring about a true wisdom that can heal the world.

I know I don’t have all the answers, nor do I claim to, but even a few quiet minutes a day will begin to transform your life. 

“Be the Change that you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi


love is........

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