Vaisnava (aka Forrest Gore), creates the most  beautiful music I have ever experienced.  Seriously, for yoga,  dance,  relaxation,  hanging out, or anything else, it is the most amazing music ever.  And I am not just saying that because he is my brother!   He is  full of wisdom and talent. He devotes his music to meditation, contemplation, healing, and love.  You can feel it. It makes my energy float.  MY little brother-man is a true Bhakti Yogi.


I get compliments and questions all the time from my yoga students about the music I play.  I PLAY VAISNAVA! You should play it too!

Check out his site.

Vaisnava and I made a short yoga video … Me flowing to his awesome tunes!  Check it out!

Hanging with Uncle Forrest in the Florida Keys

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