Morocco, Humphrey Bogart, Karma, and a Surprise Package

Since my son’s accident, he is now being homeschooled.  There is a long story behind it, and it involves his charter school and crappy principal. We were kind of forced into it.  The school put him in a “homebound” program which  just wasn’t working for us.  So, I made the decision to pull him out of school entirely.  Everything seems to work out (at least eventually..ha!), and deep down, homeschooling my son has been a dream of mine.  I taught high school in Palm Beach County for three years, so I have an insiders view.  I am totally concerned about the current public education system! F-CAT?? Yuck!  Not a fan.

Anyways, it has taken some adjustment for both of us but ultimately we are both happy. Through friends and family, my son now has a wildlife and geogrpahy teacher, an art teacher, he has a science teacher, a beekeeping teacher, a musical theatre teacher, and I obviously oversee everything and manage his portfolio.   We really do have an amazing number of wonderful and creative people surrounding us.  One of them is my friend Resa.  Resa, my son, and I decided that we should dedicate one night every two weeks to a particular country, the food, etc. and make a night of it. This week we chose Morocco. My son was responsible for learning about Morocco, it’s history, and customs. 

Enjoying our food and evening… mmmmm

So fun! Moroccan presentation, Moroccan food, followed by sweet Moroccan Mint tea and the movie Casablanca.  The presenation was amazing..The food was amazing… the movie of course was amazing.  I am in love with Humphrey Bogart.  Sorry Bing Crosby. I found a new love.

Our Morocco meal with extra greens.. healthy and delicious

My friend Resa was the host of the evening and she made delicious Tagine. A blend of tomatos, potatoes, chick peas, dried fruit, cashews, and more.  The trick is to cook it with tomatos placed on bottom.  Potatoes on top.   shhhhh…don’t tell. Tagine is a traditional Moroccan dish that is both delicious and nutritious.

Resa, working her magic.. Tagine is prepared in orange ceramic dish (called Tagine)

  Resa and I met a few years ago, through yoga.  Resa is very spiritual,  creative, and just really fun to be around. She recently started up a  business called Karma Calendar.  She sells beautiful handmade Malas and Karma Advent Calendars.  She gave my son and I an Advent calendar, which we are really enjoying.  Along with the leftover food. Ha! Mmmmmm.

So the Calender works like this, each day you open up your day and get a bead and a deed ( task). You are asked to do various kind things that are beneficial to both you and others.  You take the bead and put it on your string, and at the end of your 27 days, you have a wrist Mala. A wrist Mala infused with positive thoughts and actions. My son and I both got the Prajna Malas or Malas for Transcendental Wisdom. Bring it on, I feel the wisdom coming….it’s rollin’ round the bend.. Ha.

So Pretty, Karma Advent Calendar. Love it!

The Karma Calendar Website is below if interested. Seriously it is a  great gift.  My son and I are having so much fun on our 27 day Journey.

Today my task was to encourage someone with kindness. I taught yoga, and then came into work, where I was happily surprised to find a package waiting for me. The package was from “EH”, who I quickly realized was my old director (and friend) from  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The Tango- Those Canaan Days

Joseph was really an amazing show.  My son and I were both in it, which made it even more special.  The director made the show magical. He encouraged all of us to get up there and shine.And we did 🙂 

The whole cast and crew and Director too

Anyways, back to the package!  It was a book called The Science of Yoga, and  it totally made my day.    My task was to encourage someone with kindness, and in turn, an old friend encouraged me with kindness. Yeah.  Thank you so much Eddy Henn!

Yeah lovely surprise…

 Practice random acts of kindness. Learn and heal. Be kind… and watch old movies.  🙂

 “Here’s looking at you, kid.”



One thought on “Morocco, Humphrey Bogart, Karma, and a Surprise Package

  1. Extremelly enjoyable to read 🙂 The food does sound good and the movie:) You both look Happy 🙂 I agree that kindness is the key 🙂 Home schooling is good for Marlin 🙂 Enjoy life 🙂

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