Shedding Snake in the Bathtub

As I mentioned before, I have incredible friends.  Creative, loving, weird, and brilliant.  And just like me, most of them are choosing to take the road less traveled.

One of them is my amazing friend Eryn, the animal queen.

Get a little closer

Eryn and I also met through yoga about 3 years ago.  I taught yoga at this place called the Soma Center (RIP) in Downtown Lake Worth. It was a yoga studio/cafe.  She worked in the cafe portion.  I instantly was intrigued by her.  How could you not be?  Anyways, Eryn is known in our community as Eryn the animal witch. Seriously. Animals find her.  And she talks to them.  She heals them.  They love her. I have never seen anything like it.  She is an activist, healer, grad student, researcher, artist, author, ukulele playing, bad ass version of Dr. Dolittle.

Just a normal night at Eryn's...

At any given time, you will find animals with Eryn. Currently, she only has a few animals in her little studio apartment.  A Parrot, a ball python, a tiny old dog, a retired lab frog, some weird looking fish, and some crazy beetles. I have been there when there were multiple dogs, cats, rats, birds, snakes, etc.  It is like a scene from a wacko movie each time I walk into Eryn’s house.  The animals all hang out and party.. They all seem to get along.  Seriously. They find her, or she gets called, but Eryn will not turn them away. 

Rescue bird

She has a huge soft spot for the injured, the old, and the unwanted. I think that explains why she loves me so much! HA!

Eryn and Marlin nursing injured bird back to health

Anyways, we had hang out and natural science night at Eryn’s.  We learned alot about Ball Pythons, science, and had a singing session with Lala, the Amazon parrot.

Learning to speak parselmouth

And of course we played our Ukuleles. Which for some reason would not stay in tune. Boo. Eryn and I are a two piece ukulele playing country/folk/funny band.  We are amazing. And funny.  Maybe I will post a video clip of our magic soon. 🙂

Eryn wrote and illustrated an incredible children’s book called Armidillovely.  She gave us a copy. Every page is beautiful. But this one is my favorite.  Thanks Eryn, you are the best.

Armidillovely, best book ever!

We had lots of fun with Eryn the Animal Witch and  her animals too (as always). We are going with her to FAU for more Science fun soon.  Sooooo…. stay tuned.  The fun continues and the learning too.

Homeschooling is awesome.



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