I Have A Chicken, Yes I Do….

 I have a chicken, how about you?? 

Today I’m sharing my story about my chicken, a chicken that I love dearly. A sweet little chicken named Rui.

Rui, my sweet little Chicken

Two years ago, I went into my backyard closed my eyes,  did some deep  breathing,  said a little prayer, and offered our home as a sanctuary for any animals who might need a home. I was thinking a stray cat might arrive, or maybe a squirrel…. I was not prepared for what was about to show up!   🙂

The next morning, my son’s friend came over, and announced “You have two baby chicks in your front yard.”  I went outside and sure enough, there were two young chicks, eating bugs in the yard.  The kids thought it was great fun, and they followed the chickens as they left the yard, walked down the sidewalk, turned the corner, and disappeared.  We were all kind of sad when they left.  Hmm. Weird. End of story…..or so I thought.

Anyways, the next day, I went to the backyard to hang laundry on the clothesline, and those two young chickens were in the backyard! Seriously.  And they decided they were staying.   They started sleeping in one of the trees in the yard, pooping all over the place, and tearing up the yard.  I fed them birdseed occasionally…BUT, I kept reminding myself that these were stray chickens, they were not my responsibility! 

I have lived on property with chickens before.  Some negatives, They wake up early, they are loud, they tear up the yard, they fight, , and sometimes, they go through periods where they don’t lay eggs.  I don’t even eat eggs, so why would I want chickens??

Nest in the lemongrass

Anyways, here were these two chickens. They would leave sometimes, but they always came back.

Time passed, and my heart slowly began to warm.We named the chickens, Ricky and Rui. And I began to spend my mornings with them.  Drinking my coffee in the backyard, they would  come over sit down and hang out with me. Our dog even began to love the chickens, they would all lay around in the sun together. 

happy dog (chicken in background)

Sometimes  though, the chickens still annoyed me.  They would poop all over the patio and tear up the garden.  Grrr.  They even started coming inside the house through the dog door. I love coming home from work and having a chicken in the house. And Chicken poop on the floor.  By the way, chicken poop smells nasty. Especially on a warm day. And chickens like to poo. They really do. EWWW.

Since I don’t eat eggs,  the dog gets to eat them.. So her health has improved, her coat is shiny,  and I  spend less money on  dog food. 🙂

So there are definitely advantages to having chickens (especially if you eat eggs!), I think everyone should have their own chickens if space allows……. it just makes sense. Seriously, the life of a backyard chicken, is far better than one who is raised in a chicken factory.  Do some research.. although let me warn you, the images may shock you. There are many people (myself included), advocating for backyard chickens in cities and towns.  Lets take back  control of our food. Our Health. Our lives. Our Earth.

Back to my chickens. I started feeling attached.   But, I didn’t realize that I actually loved the chickens until I came home from work one day, opened the backdoor, and saw a hawk standing on the patio, two feet from the door.  There were feathers everywhere. I froze.  My heart was pounding.  The hawk stared at me, but didn’t move. I stared at the hawk, flushed with heat and emotion. Oh no! My poor chickens! I angrily charged forward at the hawk, trying to scare it.  It hesitated and then flew a few feet away and landed on  my clothesline.  It stared at me with angry eyes. I had interrupted lunch.

Angry Hawk

Still shocked, I surveyed the scene.  I  saw a bloody body of a headless pigeon.  Then I saw the chickens! Alive!  They were huddled under our orange tree, terrified.  I was so relieved to see them safe.  I told the chickens I loved them.  And then I watched the hawk  swoop back down, pick up the body of Mr. Pigeon,  and fly away. 

I certainly wasn’t expecting that! HA!

I am sad to say that a few weeks later, Ricky, the bigger chicken, died.  I think a racoon or a opossom climbed into the tree and killed her.  I found her dead  in the yard.  We had a funeral and buried her. We were all sad.

The funeral was about a year ago.    Rui went through a mourning period for a solid month.  Rain or shine, she wouldn’t move. But time heals and I am happy to say that Rui is still around and happy again. Rui has become part of our family.  I love her more than I can express. Regardless of all the chicken poop!

I love Rui!

Be careful what you wish for!  😉 HA!

Take care. ~t


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