Heavenly Quinoa For Breakfast (Or Dessert)

 I love sweets. I really LOVE SWEETS!!!!! And I never deprive myself.  Through experimenting, reading, and learning to listen to my body;  I’ve learned how to get the sweet fix my body craves, plus the nutrition my body needs.    I eat nutrient rich foods  ..  MMMMMMM.

 I have mentioned before that, yoga increases awareness.  Yoga helps us tune in. Yoga helps us discover what works for our bodies, and what doesn’t. We can learn to feel what food helps and what food harms. Food can be medicine or poison. Find out what your body needs.

For me, a hearty breakfast,  is essential. But also essential, is eating food that will give me a steady stream of energy, and eating food that tastes good. My favorite breakfast, Heavenly Quinoa, is both rich in calories and nutrients. It is  delicious, and it makes me feel good.  You should try it.

different colors of quinoa, in my kitchen...

Quinoa comes in a few different varieties, white, red, and black.  It can be prepared many ways. Most often it is prepared and eaten like rice is… but it can also be made into a porridge(my favorite) or pudding. Or sprouted. Or you can grind and use as  flour!  The possibilities are endless!  It is has a yummy nutty flavor.

Quinoa is a super food known to have many health benefits.  It is considered a grain but actually, it’s more closely related to Swiss Chard and Spinich. Go leafy greens!  Vegetarians, shout from the rooftops. Hooray! Quinoa is high in protein. And complete protein. All 9 amino acids!  Woohoo.  It is also high in magnesium, manganese,  fiber,  lysine, vitamin B2,and high in antioxidants, to name a few. Talk about power food! Do some research, try it. Your body will thank you.  



Almond milk

Almond Butter



Cook  quinoa 20-25 mins(1 part quinoa, two parts water).  Allow Quinoa to cool to desired temperature. Add almond milk, a heaping spoonful (or more) of almond butter, some sliced bananas and then drizzle with honey.

Heavenly Quinoa

Another delicious variation is to use coconut milk and coconut flakes, honey, and sprinkle with almond slivers.

Mmmm.  Eat for breakfast, or chill and serve as dessert. 

Get your sweet fix, and feel good. 🙂

Hooray for Quinoa!

By the way,  Happy Mayan New Year!    Today is the beginning of the last year in the fifth Sun. December 21 2012 is the end of this new year. This is an awesome year full of wisdom, new beginnings, positive thinking and ways (like diet).  Last night we went to a traditional Mayan Ceremony and were blessed by Mayan Elders.  We were cleansed, purified, walked around the fire, and took part in some chanting. Truly a beautiful experience. Happy New Year!  Now go make some quinoa! Ha! ~T


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