My Aura Gets Dirty Too

All of us, experience the ups and downs of life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Food, thoughts, experiences, sight and sounds, all get translated and processed into our bodies. Sometimes we feel depressed, dull, or lifeless (tamas).    Other times we are  excited, irritable, manic, obsessive, destructive (rajas).   And other times, we are peaceful, calm, content, and loving (sattvas). These are different states of being. They affect all of us at varying degrees.   In yogic philosophy and ayurveda, the different states of being are called Gunas.    The three different states of being, or Gunas,  are  Tamas (darkness), Rajas(activity), Sattvas (beingness).  

Sometimes I feel like this.... Beautiful, Compassionate, Magical, Divine

Everything is always changing.  Emotions are like waves. Sometimes the waves are angry rough and stormy.  Sometimes the waves are little, playful and fun. And sometimes the waves are  magical, and healing. But again, always changing

Sometimes I feel like this

   Being a yogi helps us remember that nothing is permanent. We have the power to calm the mind, let the waves settle, connect to our higher selves and feel peace.    Being a yogi doesn’t mean we are free from external drama and pain. We just  learn ways to cope.

 Sometimes I suffer from anxiety.  I tend to worry.  Alot. Sometimes the worry takes control and I panic. Through yoga and other healing practices, I have learned to deal with my anxiety. I close my eyes and and take deep rhythmic breaths through the nose. Try taking a deep inhale for 7 seconds, hold the breath for 7 seconds, and then exhale for 7 seconds. Do it three times. It works wonders. Breath has a direct impact on the nervous system. Breath has a direct impact on everything.  The panic begins to fade.

Depression? Yeah, I get that too. (Who doesn’t?) But again, through yoga,  we connect to a spiritual wisdom that begins to transform us.  There are several books that help me grow and learn and heal. Inspired Thoughts, by Swami Rama, is one of them. Amazing from beginning to end.   

Being a yogi, you still have the waves, but you learn how to tame the waves and you learn how to surf.

Hang Loose.  Shaka Brah. ~T

**The photos were taken by my awesome son.**


One thought on “My Aura Gets Dirty Too

  1. Tiff thank you for posting it 🙂 In life one time or another. We all experience some form of depression:) Its normal because we are all human beings. We live in life changing experiences. From war violence from disasters poverty. We are all caring people so of course it will affect all of us. I believe that’s why people turn to alchool and drugs to numb themselves because they have so much pain in their hearts but they can’t do anything. Depression affects everyone one time or another. So we wake up in the morning and think of someone else that is less fortuned then we are and try to reach to them make someone else smile. In return we forget that we were depressed 🙂 I am happy that you are a good Yoga teacher and you do touch allot people. Amazing person with a great gift for writing:)

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