The Healing Energy of Stones

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been in love with stones and fossils. As a kid,  Every chance I got, I would search for stones.  I combed the wild beaches of the Northwest in search of agate, moonstone, jasper, petrified wood, and other magical stones. Something about  stones called to me.  I would find a stone, hold it in my hand, close my eyes, and breathe. Sometimes I put the stone in my mouth. Just to feel it. My family thought I was weird (Some things never change! Ha!).

I remember being a 10 year old kid and our family was about to make our big move from Texas, back to Washington.  I had a huge rock and fossil collection from all my exploring in the nearby woods.  My dad told me there wasn’t room in our (giant, ugly) light blue station wagon, to take my box of treasures.  I cried. And Cried. And cried. TOTALLY DEVASTATED. Those stones were magic. Those stones were important. Those stones gave me comfort.

We moved to Olympia Washington.    I really hit the jackpot with healing stones. There are lots of places to find incredible stones.   Along the Northwest Coast is Westport, Ruby Beach, Agate Beach, and many others. Puget Sound has beautiful stones too, as do the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. Constantly drawn to  stones; It wasn’t long before I had another rock collection. Bigger than ever.


I actually went to Westport last summer, on my birthday. Still fascinated with stones, I spent hours looking at hundreds of beautiful stones… but I only allowed myself to take three. Well, Plus the good-sized agate my Dad found and gave me. So I actually brought back four. Thanks Dad. 🙂

Stones are powerful, and sometimes they really call to us. I have a huge collection of healing stones that I have acquired over the years.  Some were gifts from friends and family, and others were gifts straight from Mother Earth, gifts I found. I have purchased a few stones, but only when they really call to me, And usually in the form of jewelry. But it is better to make your own. And Fun too.  Create healing art.

Magical (Jewelry Making) Friends

 I often use stones in my Energy Healing work. I instinctively seem to know what stones will work, and where to place them, both while working on myself and while working on others.

Some important things about stones:

Stones carry different vibrational energies with different healing qualities…..

Use the stones that call to you.  Those are the stones you need.

Honor the stones that you find…. those are special gifts meant to guide you.

Stones need to be cleansed.  And some more than others. Water, in the form of a stream or ocean is a good way to cleanse the stones. You can always put stones into a bowl of water  overnight.  Some stones need saltwater, others need fresh water.  Listen to your intuition.  You can also safely cleanse stones  with a sage smudge stick.  Sage is known to have the power to burn away negativity.

After cleansing , stones need to be recharged.  Some by moonlight, some by the sun.

Crystals can  be placed over the Chakras during rest to promote deep healing. Using stones that correspond to the chakras will bring about an even deeper more powerful healing session.

There are many amazing books and websites about  the healing properties of crystals and stones. Please read and learn. But I really suggest tuning in and listening to your wisdom, and the wisdom of the stone.

Some stones can be very intense and cause strong emotions, so do some research, be open and aware, and proceed with at least a little bit of caution.  If the feelings are too intense, listen to your instincts and understand that it may not be the right time to use that particular stone.

In general, Raw stones hold more power, although it is said that certain stones, carry more energy when cut and polished. Again do your research. Or learn to listen. Listen to the stone, and to your own wisdom.

Try sleeping with a small stone under your pillow. Record any dreams you may recall.

I could talk and write about this forever, so if you have any questions or wisdom to share, please do so.

Thanks for reading. Happy Healing.

Rock on.~tiff


4 thoughts on “The Healing Energy of Stones

  1. Katrina

    I also use stones for healing, would love to talk to you sometime about the different stones you use and what you’ve learned from them.

    1. I would love to talk to you about stones… i have learned that stones have different vibrations, some feel much like a heartbeat…. and all have powers, wisdom, magic. Thanks for reading my blog!

      1. Katrina

        I am only sensitive to certain stones, large rough pieces emit stronger energy vibes, I currently wear a piece of pietersite most days, it seems to help me process frustration more maturely. I also have a piece of blue kyanite under my pillow to help keep my chakras balanced. We should talk sometime more about this subject

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