Bleeding with The Moon

I love the moon. Love the moon. The moon represents the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.  The older I grow, the more I feel connected to the moon and the beauty of the cycle. The cycle of the moon is our cycle too. Everything is connected.

The ocean, the tides, animals, and plants, all are affected by the moon. Just look up at the night sky, it is magic…

When the moon is waxing, it represents the Maiden. The energy is growing, the power is building.  When the Moon is full, and shining bright, it represents the Mother, beautiful, powerful, Psychic. And then after reaching it’s peak,  the moon begins to Wane, slowing drawing in, darkness, introspection, the Crone.  Wisdom. The energy of the New Moon, is often quiet, and best spent in solitude. The night is dark.  The stars are bright.On the darkest night, the stars shine the brightest!

 For the last  year, the day of the full moon, is the day I bleed. But before that, for many years, I ovulated during the Full Moon, and bled during on the New Moon.  To the day. In fact,  before our modern living, menstruation with the  Moon was the norm. The moon’s cycle is about the same length as  the average menstrual cycle. I believe the more connected we are to the cycles of nature, the more we feel the effects of the moon.

Obviously the food we eat, chemicals we put in our body, our sleep cycle, time we spend outdoors, and the time we spend indoors, affect our cycle. If you don’t regularly follow your cycle, it is time to start.  If you don’t regularly pay attention to the moon, start paying attention, you will  begin to notice interesting connections with emotions and behavior. So much to see with the eyes closed.

Sometimes the full moon is almost too intense, at which time, I take off my amethyst and moonstone jewelery.  These gemstones, and many others are amplified by the moon. Being an empath, sometimes I cannot be around people during the full moon.  It is too intense. Sometimes I need grounding.  Time to Hug a tree. Or bury my feet in the dirt. Other times, near the full moon, I feel strong, and called to heal.  I have vivid dreams.  Often they are prophetic dreams.  Speaking of dreams, I keep a dream journal, and have been working on Lucid dreaming too. Dreaming is amazing. Whoa. But more about that in another post! 

Stop and think of the word “lunatic” (Luna means moon). Apparently, even the word menses, means moon.

Realizing our strong connection with the moon opens us up to more questions, more exploring. What about the sun?  The planets? The Universe?  What about  Astrology? Take a look at a farmers almanac, or an astrological calender. My astrological calendar tells me what days are good for planting and fishing, in addition to other helpful information.  Every good farmer and fisherman learns to pay attention to the cycles in nature. And everyone who does spellwork,  quickly discovers the importance of cycles, alignments, and currents of energy. I am really starting to dive in and study more advanced aspects to astrology. Knowing your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign, really is just the beginning. 

Here are my favorite astrology sites:

Explore- The moon, the sun, the stars, the planets.  Connect to wisdom, beauty, and truth.  It is everywhere. Always. 

Howl like a lunatic!!!!!! ~T

If you have any other good sites to share, please let me know..


2 thoughts on “Bleeding with The Moon

  1. Danielle

    Loved your post Tiff -something I feel so deeply connected to too. It is so true, syncing with the cycle of the moon gives us a real sense of connection to the earth – to something greater than us. Thanks x

    1. Danielle, Nature is so powerful and beautiful. Everything is always connected. I am better able to understand myself and my own behavior when i honor cycles in nature. Thanks for reading. I enjoy your blog as well. 🙂

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