Love Blossoms in a Swamp, Happy Spring Equinox

Springtime Swamp love. Commit to love. Love blossoms everywhere.

Spring is here.  Today is the beginning of the Astrological new year. Sun enters Aries.  Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac. Start fresh. New life and new energy emerge…set your intentions….vibrance is everywhere. Feel the magic.

Love blossoming in a Swamp

We spent the weekend camping, with many of our close friends. We all came together, honoring love, friendship, magic, the power of nature, the changing of the seasons.  Everything was beautiful. There were tents and smiles everywhere, our gypsy village was amazing.  I loved it.   Community.  Family. Sangria.

We hiked and swam in the creek. We saw a couple big alligators. We did yoga. Danced til dawn. Heard the song of the coyote. And the owl. We played music and sang.   I wandered into the woods alone. Deep meditation.   I saw a rattlesnake. It crossed my path. And disappeared. Powerful, beautiful, magical.. Nature.  Love is everywhere in nature.  Nature brings balance.

Today my yoga practice, was powerful.  On all levels.  I dedicated my practice to the cycles of the seasons, Spring-time, healing old wounds,breathing in new life and breathing in new energy.  Slow and deep practice. Eyes closed, wrapped in purple light and floating.   Healing. Spring Time. Renewal.

Let Love Blossom Everywhere. 

Welcome Spring!



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