Watsu = Heaven

One of my friends, Brakken, is an amazing massage therapist visiting from Memphis.  During a recent breakfast and swimming hang out, I asked about scheduling a massage session with her. She said “Let’s do it right now!”  “Okay!” I excitedly replied. Brakken started working on my neck and shoulders (areas where I carry a lot of tension) and then after a few minutes with a land massage, Brakken suggested Watsu, water Shiatsu.

Watsu, let go, float and heal…. ahhhh 🙂

Being in the Healing Arts, I have had experience with many different healing modalities…Trades are the best… but this was my first experience with Watsu.  Watsu=Heaven.  Seriously.  I have never felt anything like it. I have never been so relaxed.  Weightless, floating, gliding, stretching, it was amazing.


I was completely blissed out and smiling from ear to ear.  I even laughed out loud at one point because I couldn’t believe it was possible to feel so good. 🙂

Floating.  I have never felt more relaxed.  Amazing.

Obviously, with Watsu, you should be comfortable in the water. And you need a heated pool, or a warm day. Being weightless and getting massaged is really incredible. But you need to warm water, and you need to have the right therapist.  You need to trust the person completely. It is a very intimate, nurturing experience.  Brakken, my Watsu therapist, is really well-trained, and a natural healer. I felt so safe, so nurtured, so good. I am in awe.

Experience Watsu. You will be totally blissed out. Restorative yoga and deep massage at it’s finest.

Thanks to Brakken– you are a talented magical being.

Thanks to Mel—for the photos, the amazing friendship, and the pool!

Thanks to my kid– for general awesomeness.

Thanks universe. I am grateful.



2 thoughts on “Watsu = Heaven

  1. Katrina

    11 years ago my left heal and ankle were crushed in a car accident. I was bed ridden for 3 months and then no weight bearing for 3 more, swimming allowed me to strengthen my heal and ankle muscles while the bones and cartilage healed. It also later helped me get my agility back which lessened the limp. I totally recommend all forms of water exercise and therapy.

    1. Wow, I am sorry to hear that. I too have had real physical issues, accidents in my life. It changes everything. But you are right, water is soothing and healing. Thanks for reading. I am glad we have connected through our blogs. 🙂

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