The Naked Party (Clothing swap)

Every couple of months, my friends all get together and we have a clothing swap. It has been named THE NEKKID PARTY…. We bring our bags of unwanted clothes put them into a big pile.  We set up mirrors, and hang out, trying on clothes (shy folks can try stuff on in bathroom, you don’t have to get naked!).  We have a potluck, wine, and music. And  I always end up leaving with more clothes than I brought. Cute stuff too.. and a lot of clothes for yoga. Whatever doesn’t get taken, gets donated to a women’s shelter, a church, thrift store, or a family. Be kind…. pass it on!

Beneifts of having a clothing swap:

When else would you ever try on an outfit like this? Haha

Reuse… recycling our clothes is always a good thing! A fun easy way  to live a more sustainable/conscious/kind  life!

Forces us to go through our old clothes, and get rid of stuff… yeah get rid of clutter!

It is always fun to have a party! Good reason to get together! Yeah! Woo! Connect and build community!

My son and I played dress up with the leftover clothes

So much fun wearing weird clothes!

hahahaa… nice clothes tiff!

Everybody go get naked!  Be well!



5 thoughts on “The Naked Party (Clothing swap)

    1. Yeah! Okay great! let me know how your clothing exchange turns out… they are really fun. Thanks so much for being full of light and encouragement with my writing… i will keep it up.
      love and light to you too. :)~t


    Great idea!!! I have to admit i don’t mind shopping when i can find what i want fast and get out. but what i do hate is shopping in crowded malls. there’s this one mall by me that it literally feels like you’re sardines packed into a can. it’s like being in rush hour traffic except on foot. i am forced to walk at everyone’s pace which is annoying bc i like to walk fast–get in, get out syndrome. funny enough there’s only one type of store i like walking slow in: organic food stores and farmers markets. i like seeing all the latest organic and green products coming out. and farmer’s markets… they’re just fun! 🙂

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