Sustainable Living

Magical, sustainable house my friends built..

Live simply, so that others may simply live.

Look around, the message should be clear: We need to change the way we live. We need to  live a friendly, kind, conscious,  sustainable life!We need to “tread lightly.”

I always try to make informed compassionate decisions about the way I live, the products I use, the food I eat.  My goal is to live completely off the grid. I have before, and I trust that I will again.

I used to live on a beautiful piece of property, with another family,  in a really special  house.  Our kids would run around, catch lizards, chase the chickens, dig holes, make forts and have a good time, getting dirty. Connecting to the Earth. My friend and I enjoyed daily yoga sessions, while the kids were exploring. It was great.I have beautiful memories ……We  had solar panels, well water, compost toilets (5 gallon buckets and some wood chips), chickens, a nice big garden, and a magical little house called “The Hole.”

Sadie hanging out in the Hole....

There was an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor shower, and even a “hot tub” for relaxation and fun.

Big Ceramic Bathtub.... start a fire underneath, let the water warm.... and ahhhhhh... paradise..

Any water we used, drained right out to the plants, so obviously, we used natural cleaning products, natural shampoos and toothpaste too. Even our urine, we would collect and use for the plants…. Bananas love pee. 🙂 There are several books and websites about the benefits of urine for our gardens.

Dinner Table....Chicken Coop in Background

Life always changes….so after years of magic, yoga sessions, and forts, we all moved out…..we are experiencing new adventures now.. But I am happy to say, we started as two families, and now we are one family.  We are all one big family.    Yeah!


When we lived in Hawaii, there was a time  that we  lived far away from town and deep in the rainforest, at the top of Round Top Drive, on Oahu.  We relied on a water catchment system to provide water. All of our water.  And we never ran out.  I didn’t have a kitchen up there either, so we used a camping stove…. ahh the good ol’ days.

This might sound extreme to some.    My mother constantly calls me a “gypsy”. But I have to live my truth.  I am most comfortable with my feet dirty and living connected.

Currently, the house we are living in now,  is not completely off the grid.. Which sometimes I feel guilty about. But then I remind myself, I am taking small steps. In time it will be.  It is a process. Everything is a process.  Constantly evolving.

Lounging in the Hammock

Here are some questions to think about: How much garbage do you accumulate?  How much stuff do you have? How much stuff do you need?    Each material thing we acquire, begins to weigh us down…. “With each new material thing we acquire,  we acquire a new worry.”  And  this quote, from the Dalai Lama “I’ve learned that the more possessions I acquire, the less free. I feel.”

 Good quotes… think about them for a while….

If you can, please Watch the documentary Queen of the Sun, it is a beautiful film that reminds us of the interconnection and interdependence that we all share.

Here are some small steps we can all take, to tread a little lighter:

~Get cloth grocery bags

~ Start a compost….(if you live in an apartment, get a container, put your compost in it, and donate it to a friends compost pile….you are helping the earth. It is Win- win).

~Be conscious of the amount of electricity you use. Cut back! (We can all cut back!)

~ Recycle (more!)

~Get rain barrels (water your garden with the water you collect)

~ Be conscious of any purchases you make, products you buy. Support local companies, farms, people, who support and engage in healthy practices.

~Buy Organic! Commercial pesticides are poison, they pollute our bodies, our water, our earth.

~Start a garden in your backyard (or find a community garden you can use).

~Begin to build community…. a little bit of kindness will spread and travel far…

Obviously these are just a few ways, there are many, many more.  Small Steps.

We have to be the change.

Tread Lightly and with love. ~tiff


5 thoughts on “Sustainable Living

  1. Urine yes my father always collected that for our garden:) We had amazing vegetables:) onions garlic kale broccoli 🙂 It was cool then for me 🙂 Yes I need to use less bags Karla bought me a cool strand bag in NY when she ran her race 🙂 for my groceries I really need to use it 🙂 I agree about recycling I am getting better I totally agree that the foods that we are eating are destroying us and the way they treat animals its cruel 😦 Reading your blog reminds me what i should be doing 🙂 compust toilet I don’t know 🙂 I am proud that you are true to yourself 🙂 hippie hippie 🙂 Good day

  2. Tiff, you lived out my dream;)

    But Life took me on another path where I am most wanted and where I am supposed to serve. Nevertheless the idea still lingers…..:)

    Portugal has always had an open arms for people to find such an alternative life style. There are many possibilities but if anyone interested for a sustainable living in Europe, give Cynthia or Pete a Hi! I visited them once and they made an impact on me.

    Thanks for this beautiful and inspiring post!

    Love & Light

  3. Thanks so much, Eternity, I checked out that site.. looks awesome. I know what you mean about life leading you in certain directions, mine certainly has there are many things/experiences I never would have dreamed of! Anyways, thanks again, and we all will do our parts to help and heal. 🙂
    always, Tiff

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