Grumbly Ol’ Fisherman Pancakes (Super Healthy)

Love pancakes? I do!  This morning, my son said, “I want pancakes.”   So I made pancakes, healthy pancakes… We call them Grumbly Ol’ Fisherman Pancakes.

Pancakes with Brown Rice … (notice the fish plate?)

Let’s be honest, most of the time, the pancakes people eat are crap.  White flour, fake maple syrup (corn syrup and artifical flavor),  and tons of  margarine…(eww)..Junk food for breakfast. 😦   When we eat food like that, often we feel heavy and gross and crash before lunch.

It is time to change and take care of our bodies (and our earth):  Make delicious pancakes with nutrient dense food,   get the awesome taste, plus lasting energy.

Everything you need for nutritious Pancakes!

Prepare pancake mix, I use Red Mill Gluten Free pancake mix…. it is one of the better Gluten Free pancakes mixes…

Add cooked brown rice (the more the better)

Sprinkle some flax seeds… (optional)

Cook. Sweeten with a little Agave, honey, or real maple syrup….. Eat. Yum. Amazing Pancakes!

I got the brilliant idea from my Dad. My Dad, lives in Washington state, He is a fisherman, gardener, farmer, hiker, bicyclist, and mushroom hunter (not psychedelic ones, although that might be fun! HA).  He has a lot of wisdom.  He is an all around cool guy.  Looking back, I am able to see how his influence, shaped my life in really positive ways.  I practically grew up camping.  And not car camping, real backpacking trips…. all over the Northwest. My Dad showed us the magic of  nature, and he showed us the magic of pancakes.  He loves making pancakes  with brown rice. 

Great picture of My Dad my uncle Steve… my Dad is the one smiling… probably because he ate some pancakes… 🙂

 Every time we visit my Dad, in the mornings he wakes up and with an excited twinkle in his eye, he say’s “Want some pancakes?”

Well, actually, the last time we visited, he was big on waffles (the batter is still the same),  they were loaded with brown rice.

He likes to eat his healthy pancakes, and then go fishing….

Hi Grandpa! MMMMMMM pancakes!

My Dad  likes to grumble…. but he is a big ol’ softie……I bet ya’ he is fishing right now!

If you haven’t figured it out, we named our pancakes after him!

Pancakes with brown rice.. mmmm… I am still full. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Grumbly Ol’ Fisherman Pancakes (Super Healthy)

  1. Katrina

    This sounds delicious, (William would never eat it) but I love eating healthy, your son is very handsome, and its obvious he’s healthy, Good Job!

  2. Yes pancakes 🙂 That was the meal for the home 🙂 also he would added tofu and yogurt many times 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog:) creativity of it its amazing :)The Fish plate is cool 🙂 The kid in the blog is amazing 🙂 Gooooooood day for my neck of the woods 🙂

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