I Love the Ukulele

About a month before an ex-boyfriend dumped me, he came over, and with a sweetness in his eyes, he said “I want to teach you and Marlin, how to play the ukulele.”  He pulled out a stack of papers, he had drawn out several chords, and one by one he showed us how to play each chord. 


I am a dancer. Not a musician. It was really hard…My fingers didn’t want to bend like that. I could barely keep my fingers on the strings. But when I got the right sound…ooo that made me happy.

Okay, Back to the ex-lover.  So he went away traveling, as Anarchist boys often do, and ended our relationship (or whatever it was). Don’t worry, It was a long time ago. I am not sad about it anymore. But, I was sad. And playing the ukulele helped me embrace and work through the sadness. I listened to old Country Western songs. Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Blaze Foley…. Sad songs about broken hearts, and I learned how to play all of them.  Okay, not all of them, but, a lot. My broken heart, helped me grow.. Music is a great healer. 

Swamptown, Sister Rivalry

  The heartbreak has long since healed, and now, I play the Ukulele! Yeah! I have so much fun with it! I have several friends that play, and we hang out and make music. I have even done a few performances both singing and playing my lovely little instrument..  And as part of homeschooling, my son is  learning too. 

Why Don't you Fall in Love With ME

Ukulele means Jumping fleas in Hawaiian. But the Ukulele was actually brought over by Portuguese plantation workers….gotta love the Portuguese!  Hawaiians saw the Portuguese playing the small guitar like instrument, with fingers moving so fast, they named it Ukulele. Ahhh.. I miss Hawaii.

One of the best parts about learning to play my Ukulele, was bonding with my Grandpa. Both my Portuguese and my American Grandpa, were really good musicians. Amazing guitar players with amazing voices.  My American Grandpa is still living, but, he is old school and grumpy… and he really doesn’t like “Damn Liberal Hippies.”  Anyways, when I went to visit my Dad last summer, I saw my ol’ Grandpa for the first time in many years.  The first thing he said when he saw me… “Blue fingernails? What the hell do you have blue fingernails for?!”  I smiled and said “Grandpa, I am also covered in tattoos and I don’t shave.  But give me a hug.”  I told him I was learning to play the ukulele. With a gruff voice, He said “Oh, yeah, show me a G 7th.” So I did.  He continued testing me- calling out several different chords. I played them.  And I could see a sparkle in his eyes.  He was pleased. My Dad was there too and shocked. My Grumpy ol’ Grandpa totally fell in love with his ‘weird’ granddaughter (The feeling was mutual).  My Grandpa and I had a few jam sessions, I played the ukulele and he played the guitar. He taught me several songs from the 1930’s and 40’s.  We really enjoyed being together.  And before my vacation ended, my Grandpa came over, and surprised me with a gift, he bought me a new (and much nicer) ukulele. Talk about love. 🙂

Music with My Grandpa Archie

If you don’t play an instrument, it’s not too late!  You should start. Hopefully, minus the broken heart.

Everything happens for a reason.~t

Making music

4 thoughts on “I Love the Ukulele

  1. Lucy (cousin)

    Tiffany, you played it so well. We all loved to hear you play it and Katrina really had a great time, when your were here. Miss you lots

    Love your cousin Lucy

  2. It was cool and funny:) The song about when I was drunk when my moma got out of Prison I couldn’t laugh anymore 🙂 You should sing that in the Azores:)

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