Lemongrass and Yoga

This morning I woke up, drank a big infusion of lemongrass, and walked to yoga. It was a peaceful walk. And a strong class.

We always turn off the lights and close the curtains. It is dark and cozy.  We call our space  “The cave”. Today the class was full of beautiful, powerful, amazing women. Together with breath and movement in sync,we generated so much energy.  Eyes closed. Healing. Floating. Flowing. Being.  There were Spirit Guides with us. Bright and vibrant.

Yoga helps us connect to wisdom, beauty, truth, and magic. We help aid our spiritual growth by practicing regularly, positive thinking (which is sometimes very hard), eating a healthy diet, and drinking herbal teas, or infusions. And today’s herb is lemongrass!

Lemongrass-Green Magic

Lemongrass is an herb that grows very well in subtropical to tropical locations.Lemongrass has many medicinal and magical properties. And it tastes good (it is often used in Thai dishes).  I planted lemongrass about a year ago in my backyard, and it is now as tall as I am.  Plants are magical. Yesterday, my son told me he was craving lemonade,but having no lemons, I offered to make him lemongrass iced tea. He was happy. We harvested about three stalks of lemongrass. I used scissors to cut the lemongrass into small pieces. We placed the lemongrass in two large glass jars. One for iced tea. And one for an infusion. We added boiling water and allowed to steep. For the iced tea, we steeped for about an hour. Then we added agave nectar. Lemony sweet.Ahhhh. Delicious.  For the infusion, I left it covered overnight.

Lemongrass is said to help clear the skin, aid digestion and calm the nerves. It has major anti-fungal properties, helps lower cholesterol, and the big one, Lemongrass repels mosquitos! Gotta love a natural insect repellent. (Especially if you live in the swamp!) There are many other healing properties to lemongrass.

Lemongrass attracts honey bees, and repels snakes.

Lemongrass is one of those wonder herbs with many magical properties. Lemongrass is known to enhance psychic vision, divination, and can be used in purification rituals. Lemongrass and yoga go well together.. Just don’t drink too much before class. Yoga with a full bladder is not fun.  Seriously. Ha!

I sometimes braid the grass and allow it to dry, then burn it to purify and cleanse any negativity in the house, or my aura. Lemongrass is a nice herb to add to a bath, and helps aid in dream-work when placed under the pillow.

Celebrate the magic of the green world.

Yoga and Lemongrass.  A lovely combination. 🙂

 Be well. Have a cup of tea.



7 thoughts on “Lemongrass and Yoga

  1. Thanks for the Lemongrass Iced tea recipe! I’m a die-hard ice tea fan but I’m not sure if I’ll easily find lemongrass around my parts, lol. Thanks for the read and who knows, I might just drop by again 🙂

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