Munyon Island-Kayaking and UnSchooling Adventure

Today we went to John Macarthur State park.  It is one of my favorite places in all of South Florida. We have a membership there (so we get free kayak rentals!).There is a wonderful educational center, some pretty (but short)walking trails, good snorkeling, and lots of events (like yoga,children’s science camps, and bluegrass music). The whole park is absolutely beautiful. The most impressive part of the park, is on the intracoastal side- there are tiny islands all over. It is a kayakers paradise.   My favorite island is Munyon Island. Today we spent hours kayaking, swimming, hiking,learning, and we had a nice picnic. An awesome day!

Munyon Island... Our Paradise


So Happy! And Cool! HA!

Best Kayaking partner

So Beautiful...(my kid and the mangroves)

Hiking on Munyon island….

Coastal Hammock... Munyon Island

We learned so much!

Homeschooling is Fun!
The Educational/Visitor Center is very impressive...and educational!
We learned about a sweet Loggerhead turtle that is being rehabilitated...
Jumping for joy!

And we made it home right before a crazy thunderstorm! Cheers to good days!  Be Well.



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