I Feel Alive…. Original Ukulele song

Last summer when I was in Washington State, I reconnected with an old friend, a big Cedar Tree in my Dad’s backyard (he lives on five acres out in the country). Well, while I was hanging out under the tree, and playing my ukulele, I met a new friend, a squirrel. It was really quite an experience, I hung out with a singing squirrel, and I wrote this song.

I never would have had the confidence to share it, but I played it for a friend the other day, and she was amazingly supportive.  On Earth Day, three of my talented and beautiful ukulele playing friends, came over for a date. We had tea and laughed, talked about broken hearts,  we played my song, and made this little (poor quality) video.. and I share it with you….

I feel good, I feel alive, I feel love, deep inside!



2 thoughts on “I Feel Alive…. Original Ukulele song

  1. delighfulyummiesnyoga

    Tiff, I LOVE your song! You all sound really great and I truly enjoyed listening! Keep on being you sister! Have an amazing summer adventure! xo

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