That Darn Cat

I have a soft spot for the injured, the lonely, the scared, the unloved. So bring  a cute, scared, starving, shaking, feral kitten to my house and I cannot say no. People know this and show up at my door.  Knock knock knock…. I open the door. My good friend is standing at porch holding a little furry thing. “Hi Tiff, please help!! Our dog was just about to eat this feral kitten, we can’t find it’s mom, and the shelter won’t take him.” My son’s eyes sparkled. He smiled ear to ear. He has been asking for a kitten for months. I know he manifested this one into our family. . What could i say???


Our family just grew. Dog, kitten, chicken, mom and kid. My dog is huge. 75 pounds of sweet clumsy love. She is very friendly. She hangs out with the chicken, they lay in the sun together.  In fact, we fostered another kitten, about a year ago and our dog let the kitten nurse.

Our dog, letting our old foster kitty nurse.. (no milk) ha!

I am super grateful for our awesome family.

Seriously, this kitten is so cute. I love him already. I keep trying to remind myself, love without attachment. Honor the time we have. But it is hard. I don’t want the kitten to feel abandoned. We are leaving on our trip in just a couple of days!!!!!

My dog is going with us to the farm, she is big and can handle her own, but the kitten, well the kitten will have to stay. There are lots of coyotes that like to eat little kittens where we are going, and there is no “inside” to keep her. We will be living in a little tent. Totally off the grid. My kind of living. 🙂

Luckily, my friend, the Animal Witch, has agreed to watch our cute little kitty. We are trying to get him used to birds… birds are friends. not food.

Our kitten hanging out with an Ecectus Parrot

Love comes when we least expect it.

I have been so busy, working, packing, studying portuguese,  and spending time with my good friends. And right after the kitten arrived, we had some serious neighborhood crime. so we packed up the family and stayed at a friend’s house for a week. I know I have neglected my blog. But, stay tuned. This is about to become a traveling yogini blog. First stop St. Augustine.

 I will be posting again soon.  Happy Saturday. ~tiff


3 thoughts on “That Darn Cat

  1. lmwills1

    Such an adorable kitten! We got our cat Trouble from a guy who would a litter on the side of the road. The mother had died so he took them
    All in and made sure they all got homes. He’s been our joy ever since! This is a great post ^_^

    1. Thank you so much. I have always believed that cats come to us…in weird ways often, but they bring love and magic into our lives…. I like your cats name.. 🙂

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