Life On the Farm

 We made it to the farm. Siembra Farm in Gainesville Florida. We are camping, working, and visiting our friends who own and run an organic farm. I am in awe. FRESH FOOD! There are trees everywhere. Friends everywhere. Blueberries everywhere. Vegetables everywhere. There are ticks everywhere too. Yesterday while exploring in some thick woods, the ticks really got me. I pulled out about ten.Yuck!! Ticks  love climbing up my pants and burrowing in my inner thighs.. Welcome to summer in Florida… Bugs galore!


 Siembra means to sow, to plant, to grow. And I am amazed. This organic family run farm produces so much food.  On our first day here, we helped gather and wash the CSA shares.

Fun with Leafy Greens

 CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. 

Gathering bunches of Kale

With a CSA, people pay a very reasonable amount for a weekly boxes of veggies. Whatever grows, is what goes in the box.  Fresh, delicious, organic produce. I honestly have never seen a better CSA.

Me working in the Herb Garden… (The sweet baby lives on the farm)… what a good life. 🙂

This week people got tons of greens, different types of kale, collards, arugula, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, peppers, basil, herbs, and more. If you live near Gainesville, you should support Siembra farms. Wherever you live, you should find out about CSA’s– Food Revolution!

Cody at the Gainesville Farmers Market…

The Siembra farm folks are the nicest people I know. They help make the world a better place.  ( they have good dance moves too! )  

Everyone loves the Farm!

This whole experience is a pretty incredible home school/life  lesson. We are learning to farm and camping out in a magical paradise.

Home Sweet Home

 The kids are having a great time. They run around all day…exploring the farm, the woods, and the creek.

Farm kids…. Happy and covered in dirt

The dogs are having a great time.

Country Dogs 

We are all having a great time…working, eating, and exploring.


 Covered in dirt, I feel blessed. ~T


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