An Old Friend in an Old City

I grew up in Olympia, in the 90’s. Olympia was home to amazing music, K records, the Riot Grrl movement, and all things punk rock. That was my scene… I had attitude, played drums in a crappy band, drank way too much, went to shows and parties almost everyday, and had a shaved head. Cute. (Not really). I moved away long ago, but still keep in touch with some old friends. One of them is my good friend Tinsel. We were teenagers when we met, and we instantly became friends. He was in a punk band called The Rickets.. and i used to travel around with them in their punk van. I remember one year they played a show at the Capital Theatre on my birthday… they sung (or screamed) me a Birthday song, “Happy Birthday you bastard, let’s go get plastered!!!” Seriously. That was long ago. Seems like a different life. And in a way, it was.

Well, a few months ago, I got a call from Tinsel, he was moving to St. Augustine Florida. Whoa. How random. And awesome. Anyways, we went to visit him… and the Old City.

St Augustine is the oldest city in North America. First colonized by Spain in the 1500’s, it is city full of history and full of ghosts.

St Augustine is haunted.  I have always loved old buildings and old cemeteries. It is like I can feel memories.  I could walk around that city all day…. and never get bored.

Walking with the ghosts

Downtown St. Augustine is charming, the roads are narrow. The buildings are old.

Resting by the fire…..
St. Augustine by night… love it!
Haunted cemetary
The Tourist part of town
The Lightner Museum… (highly recommend)
Late night walks… train tracks and graveyards
Old graveyard in the woods…. spooky.
Storming the Fort
Night at the old Fort
Old roofless house in the woods
The beach is beautiful too….
St. Augustine Farmers Market… good food, good music, lots of trees. Saturdays. Anastasia Island
Hungry? Have some RAW dessert at the Present Moment Cafe….mmmmm..(added bonus: they get their veggies from the farm we were just staying on!)

My friend lives on the outskirts of town, in a charming old house surrounded by woods and three old graveyards. He has more dead neighbors than living ones. We spent a week exploring and catching up.  There was so much to see and do! We had a great time. I am excited to come back for another visit.

Thanks to all the spirits and thanks to Tinsel for the fun.

The Gypsy….and the Elf

Until next time. xo~T


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