(Singing The) Yoga Teacher Withdrawl Blues

I love teaching yoga. Over the past three years, I taught yoga 6 days a week. Sometimes I taught as many as 12 classes a week. But about three weeks ago,  I said a tearful goodbye to all of my students and began my gypsy travels. I am having a great time. I am maintaining my own practice, but, I miss my students. I miss my classes. I miss teaching. It truly is my calling.

My Lake Worth Yoga crew….I Love you!! (I am the one standing under the orb)

Luckily, I had the opportunity to guest teach last weekend. My friend from Siembra Farms, is also a yoga teacher, and a fellow Gemini, and she arranged for me to guest teach at a beautiful and Historic Bed and Breakfast called the Herlong Mansion, in Micanopy Florida.  I had a good-sized class, with strong students.  In honor of the sun in Gemini, the class I taught was called The Gemini Flow. It felt so good to teach. It felt perfect. I love teaching yoga.

We have left the farm and are in Tampa now. When I think of Tampa, paradise does not come to mind. To me Tampa Florida is all the things I don’t like, wrapped up in one big  weird city.  But, it is part of the friend tour/gypsy travels. My good friend Lisa, who I met 9 years ago in HAWAII, moved to Tampa. You might be wondering, How did they both end up in Florida???   Well, my friend, that would be a book. A long and complicated book filled with happy moments and deep, deep wounds. I will write it someday….but not today.

So I don’t love life in the city, but I do love my friend. Our kids are best friends.  They were in kindergarten together, back in Hawaii. The kids are having a great time catching up, and my friend and I have been able to take some yoga classes.  But, I miss teaching!!!! A lot.

I know this desperate longing to teach is good for me. Taking a variety of yoga classes is good. Some classes I have enjoyed, while others I have felt critical of (confession, I am sorry).  Luckily,I  found a class on Youtube that i really enjoy. It is called The Detox Flow with Clara Roberts-Oss. I am even doing my own flow that is on YouTube. It is short, so  I do it two or three times through.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pj_9msaLa8&hd=1 

Anyways, I know someday soon I will be teaching again. Always a teacher. Always a student. And in two weeks we will be living in the Azores.. doing yoga, eating grapes, and connecting with my relatives and my ancestral home .

I am sending lots of love to my yogi and yogini friends.

Warrior Women



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