Getting Wacky at Weeki Wachee State Park

There is a place about an hour north of Tampa Florida, where  alligators, manatees, and turtles live. Mermaids live there too. And, for my son’s thirteenth birthday (he is also a Gemini), we gathered up our crew,  dressed in our wackiest clothes and headed to Weeki Wachee State park.

The Wacky Birthday Crew

Me and my teenage son!!!
Three Amigos

I was really impressed with the park. First of all, it really is a wacky place. They have live  mermaid shows. We were lucky enough to see the Little Mermaid, which is performed two or three times a day. It was really entertaining and definitely unlike anything I have ever seen. .

Mr. Turtle-friend to all the mermaids (he was my favorite)

There is also a water park (my favorite ride was called the Pirates Revenge), a guided river boat cruise, nature trails, and kayaking. We spent the day there, had a picnic, and swam for hours in the springs.  An added bonus..  park admission is really affordable and everything is included.. 🙂

The Birthday Boy on the Boat


The 25 minute boat ride was beautiful

Water is Calm… closing time

We ended up staying until the park closed. So we had to have our singing and gluten-free cupcakes in the parking lot. It was a great day shared with my sister, my brother-in-law, my niece and nephew, my best friend Lisa and her awesome son Txanton (all of us moved from Hawaii to Florida at different times for different reasons, weird I know). Thanks to everyone for the Birthday magic….Happy Birthday Keone!!!! Woohoo! I love you!

Go get wacky!

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