Flying with Aerial Yoga (Sarasota Yoga Adventures)

We have made it to Sarasota Florida. We are visiting my sister and her family (they moved to Florida from Hawaii a few years ago too). My sister has been talking to me for months about her love of Aerial Yoga, and last night, I finally tried it. It was very different from any yoga I have ever done, but definitely fun. And hard. We took a class at Reflex Arts in Sarasota.  The teacher Kerry Tice, is both a yoga teacher and a circus performer.

That’s me doing a Hip opener… Aerial Yoga Style

At first I was a little unsure of the class. I was nervous that I might fall, and clumsy with the hammock. But the teacher was very knowledgable and helpful. Not only did I start to feel like an acrobat, but, I was able to stay in inversions for a very long time. Hooray for (nearly) weightless inversions!!  We did an amazing series of poses where we  flipped both legs in the air and then floated one leg around to the ground.. I loved it. Aerial yoga clearly requires strength, and my core definitely was worked.  My arms are sore too.It was a good workout, an awesome experience, and a reminder to always try new things. I left class feeling like I could someday run away with the circus. Yeah! 

Floating in Anjali Mudra
Aerial Yoga/ Fun in Cobbler Pose


Speaking of yoga, I also took a class at Rosemary Court Yoga in downtown Sarasota.I took a Hatha Flow class with Venessa. I really enjoyed it. Her pace was good. Her asanas connected nicely. It was a good strong practice, but not too hard. It truly was a multi-level class. I like the studio a lot. I will definitely go back. 🙂 (The Aerial yoga teacher teaches Vinyasa classes there too).  If you are in Sarasota, you should check out both Reflex Arts and Rosemary Court! Whether flying or floating, Sarasota has some good yoga classes.  




4 thoughts on “Flying with Aerial Yoga (Sarasota Yoga Adventures)

    1. Claudia, yes, it was really fun. And hard. Reminded me to strengthen my core! By the way, i checked out your blog and love it! Yogini, homeschooling mom’s we have a lot in common. 🙂

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