Wise Beings Among Us

Nearly a year ago, I found a teacher,  Geshe Tenzing Tamding, that I really resonate with. He is a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, and truly a magical, beautiful being. There is so much light and peace and love in his being, you sit near him and are instantly transformed. He has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. He laughs all the time too. His laugh is so loud and wonderful, and very contagious.

Laughter and love are contagious!!!

I was able to spend a lot of time with him. Lunches, dinners, lessons, and even an air boat ride through the Everglades. When we went to the Everglades, Geshela changed out of his traditional robes, and wore, “normal” clothes, and even a baseball hat. I remember the shock I felt, when I saw him “whoa, he looks like a normal person!!” I sat next to him on the boat, smiling almost nonstop, I felt like I knew this amazing secret: There are wise beings, sometimes in disguise, that are sent to guide us.

Everglades Group Photo… Geshela Blending in….

Well, last night, I got to hang out with another Tibetan Buddhist Lama. Nyari Tritul Rinpoche. He is from India, but lives mostly in Spain. He has studied with, and is friends with my teacher.  He and I are the same age. And both born the year of the Snake (my teacher  is also year of the Snake).   We are the same age, but in terms of wisdom, he is lifetimes ahead of me. When Rinpoche was 3 years old, he was formally recognized as the Third reincarnation of the 89th Ganden Tripa. Ganden Tripa is the title of the appointed spiritual leader for Tibetan school of Buddhism. He has been formally studying Buddhism since he was 5 years old. He is very wise.  He has so much love in his eyes and peace in his heart.

Hanging out with Tritul Rinpoche… and other wise beings..:)

We really just hung out, as friends, and talked story. I told him that sometimes I feel wise and kind, and full of trust. But then at other times I feel critical, judgemental, and confused. He assured me that this was very normal, and he had a simple but powerful message: Love and Compassion.  As we develop more love and compassion, we radiate more love and compassion, and it spreads. Together we grow. He reminded me that “We are all the Buddha, it is in all of us, we just have to remember.”

I asked him about spirits and other beings. I have seen spirits before, and I wanted to know what he thought. He told us that “Yes,  there are other beings, spirits, angels, dark entities, but not everyone can see them.” More often people feel them. He then explained that in Buddhist thought, there are 6 realms of existence.  He said some of us can see glimpses into other realms…

Rinpoche gave us protection bracelets, a Buddhist Heart Mantra and blessing,  his email address, and Skype contact. He said “we must take advantage of this technology, it is here to help us grow.”  Anyways, I feel like this hang out session came at the perfect time. It seems like whenever doubt begins to take over my thoughts, I spend time with someone who helps remind me of my true path and purpose. There are wise beings among us sent to guide us, to teach us, and help us grow. I love my Buddhist Sangha (family)!

Have a blessed day.

Love and Compassion. ~T


2 thoughts on “Wise Beings Among Us

  1. Dorothy

    Hello Tiffany – I have enjoyed reading your blog that I recently found when I came across the calling card you gave me when I took a few classes of yours at the Soma Center in Lake Worth. I was your neighbor living on the corner of 2nd Ave S. Keep up the good work! You are a true inspiration for me and doubtless many others too! I am also sure our paths crossed for a life purpose. Regards, Dorothy

    1. I am smiling from ear to ear!! I remember you well, both from class and from neighborhood walks.. so happy to be found!! I am certain our paths crossed for a reason too… I hope all is well. Thank you so much!!!! Sending you love. xo 🙂

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