Anjos, Santa Maria, Azores

The Walk to Anjos

There is a tiny village on the island of Santa Maria, called Anjos. The village itself is beautiful. And old. Very old.

Beautiful Magical Anjos

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Anjos. It is like another world.. There are no stores. But there is one tiny oceanfront café, an ocean pool, a playground, and a very old church. My mom’s godmother lives in Anjos, (she is also my cousin). She welcomed us to her home, fed us amazing food and forced me to drink wine every single day with lunch and dinner (It was hard, but somehow, I managed).

Vinho e Favas= permanent smile

Madrinha (which means godmother in Portuguese), is a wonderful, hysterical, and tough Portuguese lady. I loved her the moment I met her.

Hanging out with Madrinha, nothing beats outdoor cooking!!

Her house is right next to the church.

The Casa we stayed in and the old church

The church is the oldest in the archipelago and is of historical importance . One morning while I was sitting outside enjoying my coffee, a tour bus stopped in front of the church,but  it was locked. I had to go get the key from the neighbor and open up the church for them. I chuckled as the American and German tourists all snapped photos of me while I opened the church, they thought I was the church caretaker…

Inside the little Church of Anjos (Ermida)

The village is rich in history. You can feel it. As you come into town there is a statue of Christopher Columbus (my least favorite thing in town). He stopped in Anjos, on his way back to Europe. Apparently Columbus attended mass in the tiny church (which was restored about 120 years ago). I am sure attending church wasn’t all he did when he stopped in the Azores. Ugh. (I used to teach History, I have my opinions!!) 🙂

Anjos has a history full of beauty, sadness, and massacre.

There is a story about this Cross, apparently it wanted to stay above the town..Every house in the photo has a connection to my family…

In the 1600’s Moorish pirates came and destroyed much of the village and killed many of the people in the village. The ones who escaped, went and hid deep in nearby caves, caves that are over a mile in length. There are still cannons from the massacre, rusting away on land that still belongs to my relatives. .

My son checking out one of the old cannons
My son and his Portuguese friends…about to enter the cave… Furnas de Santana

When my mom was 13, she started a job working for a fish factory in Anjos, she was emotional as she showed me where she used to work… the factory has long since closed, so much history.

My mom, standing in front of the old payroll window at the fish factory she once worked at…

 The area amazed me. There is hiking, swimming, snorkeling, surfing and more. There are figs, grapes, taro, and blackberries growing everywhere. There are wild herbs everywhere too, spearmint, chamomile, red clover, to name a few.

Fields of Wild Spearmint… the smell is amazing…ahhhh
cauldrons in Anjos… cooking up magic (soup)for the whole village to enjoy


The hills, cliffs, the rocks, the ocean, the caves, the tiny church, the people, and the houses are amazing. But even more amazing is spending time in a village that is so closely connected to my blood.. My family is from there…And now, a part of my heart will always stay there.

In love with Anjos

We are now on the other side of the island, living it up in the mountains… stay tuned for more exciting stories from our gypsy travels..xx  Beijos (kisses)


12 thoughts on “Anjos, Santa Maria, Azores

    1. Yeah thanks for checking out my blog.. I have been neglecting it.. but having an amazing time in the Azores.. spending time with family, and in nature, and in the ocean.. wow!!! By the way Irene is a beautiful name (my middle name!!) ha!

  1. Oh wow! I was in Portugal (mainland) last year. It brings back memory of Portuguese warm hospitality and friendliness when I see these pictures. They are just gorgeous folks! It is so lovey to see you tracking back your roots. Obviously you took the photo of your Mom along….Thank you so much for sharing and look forward to more news :-). Love to you and take care!

    1. Eternity, I have been spending so much time with cousins, aunts and uncles, and having a great time… trying to manifest a way to stay a little longer… love and light to you!!!

      1. Tiff, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will manage to prolong your stay. It is a shame to leave early when you have bountiful of love and sunshine to cuddle your spirit and soul! 🙂 Love and Light to you both

      2. Thanks so much Eternity… it really feels like a miracle we are here. We have family everywhere… and a lot can happen in a month, so maybe we will be able to stay a little longer.hmmm.. I realize I have a purpose here, as a teacher, and a student. Love and light to you too. Always. xo

      3. Tiff, I am not sure whether you will be reading this or even can get hold of an internet connection in time but nonetheless I am putting it here for your info. I just got this news about an hour ago…AUGUST 19, 2012 at 21:51 CET.

        Portugal’s Azores archipelago is bracing for Hurricane Gordon which had intensified to Category 2 and is forecast to hit the eastern-most islands early on Monday. Additional weakening is forecast but Gordon is still expected to be a hurricane when it passes near or over the eastern Azores. It is expected to weaken to Category 1 before it passes close to Santa Maria and Sao Miguel islands. Category 1 hurricanes have enough strength to uproot trees, blow off poorly attached roof tiles, cause coastal flooding and power outages.

        Take care and be safe!
        Love & Light

  2. Lisa and Sam

    Hey Tiffany, It looks so spectacular. I became so hungry when I saw the soup! and I love the landscape and ocean views and you look so happy. I predict you will not be coming back to Florida any time soon. Wishing you and Mar well. Lisa and sam

    1. Hello Lisa and Sam… the soup you would not have eaten.. full of cow parts.. however, you would love the bread, the cheese, the figs, and the wine… mmmmm.. trying to stay a little longer. We will keep you posted, xoxo

  3. Cata

    heya tiff– would like to ask you few questions via email bout santa maria… funnily enough both my boys think it’s me on the blog ha ha we really look similar… i am presently looking at some property in santa maria…more of ‘window shopping’, we living in south africa at the moment, somehow thinking bout actually maybe doing a yoga teacher’s course, … bla bla, rather ask you the questions not as a ‘public comment’.. whenever you’d have some spare time and want… xx, cati

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