The Land of Atlantis

This morning, I woke up, watched the sunrise, put on some music, and started to dance. There was so much energy to the dance, to the music, to the moment, so much energy, so powerful, that I became overcome with emotion and started to cry. I am still crying.

Sunrise.. waking up to bliss in Santo Espirito..

I have been in the Azores for nearly three months now, I have never experienced such kindness and love, from both family and new friends. And as for beauty, it is hard to even try to describe. Everywhere I look, is raw, breathtaking beauty.  In fact, I don’t think it is possible to explain with words, it is something that has to be experienced, like meditation.

Sao Lorenco Bay, Santa Maria Azores… My favorite place in the world

I promise I will write the story but right now, I have to go soak in more magic.  I truly feel this is Atlantis. Eternally Grateful… ~T (The Portuguese Gypsy)

Old Abandoned Cliff House near Anjos

Eu Gosta Pao (Pao da Casa) em Santo Espirito~hahaha

One thought on “The Land of Atlantis

  1. Amazing Tiff 🙂 I am proud of you:) You have allot of courage and power:) Tiff enjoy as I look back at things this is a trip of friendships of learning experience of how poeple all over this world live. Santa Maria is like a forgotten planet cool little houses. lots of cows horses . Yes lots of cool people 🙂 The air is fresh and you feel alive:) I let you finish the rest. Have a good day 🙂

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