The Magic of Dreams and Destiny

This is a short post dedicated to following your dreams and dedicated to my cousin, who I love more than words can ever say…..

After a long, heartbreaking, and confusing period of my life, I had a dream, and in the dream, My Portuguese grandmother (who died several years ago), came to me and told me very clearly, that i needed to go to the Azores… more specifically to the Island of Santa Maria, the island my mother grew up on.

Santa Maria.. view from Terra Velha..

I called my mom and told her about the dream.  I told her I had to figure out a way to come to the Azores. Everyone thought I was a bit crazy and no one (myself included) seemed to think I could pull it off…But, as if by magic, everything fell into place. The money for the plane tickets magically appeared, a friend offered to watch my dog and rent out my house. It all just fell into place. No effort! Seriously, the universe wanted me to take this trip…. but I had no idea why. I got on the plane with no real expectations…

I arrived to the island and felt like I entered a different world. So many amazing places. So many relatives. So many stories. So many feelings of Deja vu…whoa.

The Haunted Woods.On the trail near Barreiro da Faneca

And then one day, I met my cousin. A cousin I didn’t even know I had.  The first time we hung out, we laughed, danced, and cried (we drank a lot too. I don’t think I had ever been so drunk)… it was like long-lost sisters finally reunited!

Cousins, Enjoying the Magic of love and Sao Lorenco Bay….

Hiking in Valverde…

Now we spend almost all of our time together..Yoga, Reiki, meditation, dance parties, swimming, hiking, cooking, crying, drinking, and lots of laughing…I think we might be the talk of the island right now. Hahaha. We are both learning, healing,  and growing so much. We see the magic in our connection. And the timing really is a miracle!  (When a door closes, somewhere a window opens.)

And our kids love each other too!!!
My grandmother was the sister of my cousin’s grandfather

I know why I am here.  It was destiny that brought me here. Destiny and a strong connection to this place through blood, love,  and magic.

I am hoping to extend our stay. I love it here. We will see what will be.

And Grandma Rosa,  thanks for the message. 🙂

Lots of love~Tiff


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