As Fate Would Have It..


This morning, I drank a cup of coffee with my cousin, and looked out from the balcony at the view. The village, the ocean, the mountains, the cows, and even the clothes hanging on the clotheslines; it is all beautiful.  Breathtaking. This place is like a fairy tale.  I am still amazed to be here.

With my cousin, in Santana (my mothers birthplace), Santa Maria Azores…

And then I realized, today is the day I was originally supposed to return to The United States. But as fate would have it, I am still here!!  Our visas were extended so we are staying for three more months (at least)!!

The Women of Atlantis.. (Who needs clothes?)

In fact, at the moment, I am here on the island of Santa Maria, covered in puppy vomit.  Gross.

Life is full of surprises.. (and some surprises bring lots of love!)

Yesterday, my cousin found a very young puppy in the woods, so now, unexpectedly, we have a new member in our family! Life! All the plans we had made for the next few days have changed. Now we are caring for a sick little puppy, nursing it back to health,  and trying to keep it warm. And cleaning up lots of puke.

My little cousin dancing in our village.. happiness, love, and more love..Hooray for puppies!!

On this tiny little island, in the three months I have been here, I have experienced hurricanes, black magic, bull fights, a portuguese stalker, sickness and death of loved ones,  ghosts, boat rides, dancing under the moon, amazing food, amazing wine, disco parties, love of family and friends, and even a sweet portuguese romance.  And, what could be better than an island romance???  BIG SMILE..

Me and my amazing kid, magic all around..

Looking back on my life, I realize that sometimes we have goals, make plans, or try to create a perfect path, but things rarely turn out the way we expect them. Sometimes, they turn out better. Ha! I love this little island.  Have a great and blessed day!! xxoo~Tiff


5 thoughts on “As Fate Would Have It..

    1. Thanks Mom, it is sad about how sick the puppy is. Yesterday the puppy threw up a giant parasite.. the parasite was still alive and almost as big as the puppy.. disgusting. but we love him! Anyways, yes, lots of good things here… i know someday you will come back again too. xx

    1. Thanks so much Eternity!!! Your support and friendship mean more to me than you might realize… you help keep me on my path, of healing, faith, love, and light. I send love to you too.. always. ~t

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