Love at first sight… Or something even weirder….

Sao Lorenco Bay, Stories of Romance

When i first arrived to this island,   I had a very intense attraction to a Portuguese Fisherman. I saw him in Sao Lorenco bay, and i thought my heart might seriously explode.   He was working in the warm sun. When our eyes first met,  everything stopped.  I had never experienced anything like it. He wasn´t really handsome, and he was dressed horribly, but something about him, was so familiar, our connection was so strong, that i could barely breathe. He felt the same way.

I was walking with my family, and my uncle, who was completely oblivious to our magical moment,  walked right up to the fisherman (who was still staring at me) and started talking to him ..   Portuguese is the most beautiful language.  Anyways, they talked  for a little while, (my heart was pounding) and then we said goodbye.

Lost in thought and strange emotions, we walked slowly to a little cafe in the village, to have a drink… I sat down, and looked out the window towards the ocean. And then i saw him again! The fisherman! He sat right outside the cafe, and boldly stared at me. The entire time!! Slightly flattered and slightly scared, I quickly smiled in his direction before we left.

We drove up into the Mountains to my aunt’s house. As soon as we got home,  I called my friend and told her of my odd encounter with the fisherman. I was walking around outside,  talking, smiling and laughing…..THEN I FROZE.  The Fisherman was standing in front of me. He had followed me home.

Somehow I hung up on my friend…I was in complete shock. The fisherman could see my surprise. He smiled and said “Ola!” and then walked away and up the hill. Feeling a nervous rush of energy, I ran inside to tell everyone. My Aunt  laughed.. “When I was a kid, if a guy liked you, he would follow you home and then walk back and forth in front of your house until you talked to him.”   My head raced.. “WHAT?!?”  That is totally insane… I replied.. “Aunt Bella, we call that Stalking”.  She said, “I know it seems weird, but this is how they do, especially if he is old-fashioned.”

The “Little House” in the Mountains. Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Azores..

We all had a laugh, and then he walked by again. And again. I sat inside the little house with my family, we drank two bottles of wine, and laughed as we recorded the number of times he walked up and down in front of the house. 17 times. Each time he walked by he looked inside the house and smiled.  It was a “I know I am being an idiot, but I can’t help it!” type of smile.  Day turned to-night, he finally stopped walking by.

I was a little sad, I thought my fisherman had left…BUT NO!!!! He started driving up and down the hill. In his grey work truck…Flattered, shocked, and a little scared..I had never experienced anything like this. I went to bed with a smile. I woke up with a smile.

There is much more to the story, it continues (and possibly becomes weirder), but not with the ending one might expect…..Oh, the drama and the romance of the Portuguese!  Days have turned into weeks, and weeks into months.. and still the strange connection remains…. It will always remain…

In many ways, he and I exist in different worlds. When we see each other now, we don´t speak. We don´t need to. We smile and remember.

Sometimes we have intense connections with people and we have no idea why. Sometimes connections are from a past life. Sometimes strong connections arrive in our lives to make us laugh and feel alive.

 Have a LOVEly day… ~The  gypsy


9 thoughts on “Love at first sight… Or something even weirder….

  1. Whoa!!!! It warms my heart that such a romance still exist. A veil too thin…. Tantric Goddess Yogini you are breaking through barriers…. Are you playing one of your many parallel realities? :-)Thank you for sharing that heart beats with us. Indulge and enjoy! 🙂 Love and brightest Light to you.

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