The Magic Of Portuguese Music…

Learning Portuguese Music with the amazingly talented  Roberto Freitas..

A few days before I left the United States, I went to the music store with my sister, to buy a case for my ukulele.. I told her, ” I really want to learn some Portuguese songs while i am on this trip! ” In my mind, I visualized myself sitting alone, in a field in the Azores, trying to figure out lyrics, pronunciation, and chords to some simple Portuguese songs.

I had no idea that fate would  introduce me to the talented (and really cool), Roberto Freitas!!

Roberto is in a band called Ronda da Madrugada.. They are well-known. And they are good.  Amazing in fact.

When they play here , the crowd goes wild. So much pride and love for this place, this culture, and this music…

Roberto and I have some interesting connections.. both of our Grandfathers, lived in the tiny village of Santana, and they both played guitar (they were legends here).. I laughed and told Roberto, that our Grandpas were probably sitting together on a cloud, smiling,  singing along with us, laughing about our connection, and wishing they could have a drink!! HA!

Chestnuts, Wine, Portuguese music, and good people.. Another amazing night in Paradise..

Roberto’s cousin also happens to be my Portuguese sweetheart. 😉  LIFE!

Roberto left his 12 string guitar at my house, and told me to practice. 12 Strings! I have enough trouble with 4 strings- haha!! Slowly, I am learning the chords and songs..  The music is beautiful… Music is magic.. Especially in Portuguese.

Learning the Guitar, on my porch in Valverde, Santa Maria, Azores

If you have been following my adventure at all, you know that this trip has been magical, since the beginning. This land. My roots. My life will never be the same.  Especially now that I can play Portuguese music! Ha! xx~Tiff

Obrigada Roberto!

One more song, to make you smile… 


One thought on “The Magic Of Portuguese Music…

  1. Tiff its amazing 🙂 I am so happy for you. Its a great experience memories that will last forever:) For you and Mar. Yes I love that song the three of you setting and playing its cool 🙂 Have a cool day and keep on posting enjoyable to read 🙂

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