Sunstreaks From Paradise

I can’t believe it has been a month since I have posted. I think about writing a lot, and I have so many stories I want write about.. But I have had some sort of writers block…hmm..

Anyways, I am going to try to give it a shot, and share our latest adventures here in Atlantis…

Sunset, Santa Maria, Azores

Living in the Azores is like a dream. Winter is here. It is very different from summer. It rains a lot. The wind is strong. The ocean is raw, alive and roaring. .

Ocean Energy

I spend so much time at the ocean. Sometimes I take my ukulele.. sometimes I meditate. Sometimes I just walk.I breathe. So healing.

In the mornings, I wake up, drink coffee, and eat bread (The Portuguese make the best bread in the world)..I laugh with my cousin. I look out at the ocean and up into the hills. Valverde (the green valley) is a beautiful place to live.The energy is so different here. I move slowly. I clean up puppy poop. My son does his school online through Florida Virtual School.. But we all know his real schooling is through life. This experience. We are living in a new country, learning a new language, a new culture. New and old family. Our Roots.We speak using a combination of  Portuguese and English. We learn. We grow.


Santa Maria is a small island. 5000 people. From the highest point on the island, called Pico Alto, one can see the entire island. All the way around. And it is beautiful. The ocean seems to go on forever.


The only real traffic here is from cows. Very different from life in South Florida.

Afterschool Traffic…

This island doesn’t  have an operating movie theater. It also doesn’t have a McDonald’s. No Wal-Mart. No freeways. No crime.. (well, very little). People work hard and help each other. We celebrate. We  hang a lot of clothes  and we eat a lot of potatoes. Our family always makes sure we are stocked with crates of them….onions too.. People really depend on their gardens.

Dinner in Valverde

With winter here, It gets dark earlier. Earlier hikes. More layers of clothes. More time indoors. Dinner parties.  Baptisms. Birthdays. Festivals. Fado music. Beekeeping. Herbs. We go dancing at a little dance club in Sao Pedro called Chamine.. We  play guitar and sing. We drink wine. A lot. We eat a lot of chestnuts. We indulge and laugh. We do meditation and Reiki.. We all feel change. I attuned two powerful women into Reiki practitioners.. They were already healers.. BUT NOW…

Three Reiki Practitioners connected by Azores Roots..

This journey has also brought me the magic of romance. Heart Chakra is open..Romance is alive in the Azores…Love comes to us in many forms…

Portuguese love song

Winter is here.  The water is cold. We hike. We sing. We liveThis is yoga .. Being in the present moment.

Love is Love

Enjoy the sunstreaks..~tiff


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