Power of the Priestess

I  performed my first wedding ceremony on Saturday. It was something I had never even thought of doing, until last October, when my dear friend (and fellow yoga teacher) sent me an email and asked if I would perform the ceremony. I was honored and shocked.

The Magic of Love
The Magic of Love

I knew it was fairly easy to become an ordained minister, so I chose Halloween, Samhain, also known as “The day of the Witches” in the Azores, to officially become ordained to legally perform ceremonies. To me, the legal aspect of marriage is minor. The spirit of love, is what truly unites souls. I performed a ritual beforehand, and asked for blessings from my teachers and guides. And then, it took about 15 minutes online, to complete the majority of the legal stuff.

I spent a lot of time thinking of how to create a spiritual ceremony to  represent the couple, and the love they share.  Together, over several hang out sessions, we discussed ideas, and came up with a beautiful ceremony script that truly fit their relationship.

The ceremony was held on the beach, in South Florida at John MacArthur State Park.  Before the ceremony, I snuck away and walked on a trail alone. I practiced my script a few times, and then found a place to sit down. I sat in easy pose (sukhasana), closed my eyes, and called upon the power of my inner Priestess. I asked to be guided during the ceremony.

Mind clear and calm, I was ready.  We began the ceremony with our eyes closed. We invited the spirit of love to join us, in blessing their union. The ceremony was beautiful. Quotes from Paulo Coelho and Gandhi, Persian Poetry, a sand ceremony, part of a Persian Ceremony, and beautiful vows that were shared in both English and Portuguese.

Part of a Traditional Persian Wedding Ceremony..
Part of a Traditional Persian Wedding Ceremony..
Always connected, the circle of love
Always connected, the circle of love

After pronouncing the couple,  and after their kiss, we all formed a large circle, held hands and visualized love and blessings. We began our ceremony with love and we closed our ceremony with love.

Although the weather turned chilly as day turned to-night, the warmth of love blanketed us all. 

Once again, I truly feel I am being led down the path of magic.

Blessings and Love ~Yogini Tiff



One thought on “Power of the Priestess


    Absolutely beautiful!!!

    I loved this part: “we all formed a large circle, held hands and visualized love and blessings”. What a wonderful way to start a marriage — all of that good energy sent to them — i love it!!! 🙂

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