Take A Retreat

I know that  healing work, especially energetic, can bring up issues, memories, and cause detoxification (sometimes severe). And with this chakra therapy I  have been doing, I feel it.

During the week my class and I focused on the throat chakra, I really felt challenged. I felt tired. I felt irritated.  I felt like I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I knew I needed to be in nature,away from the computer, away from the freeway, away from the city.

So on a whim,I booked  a campsite in the Florida Keys, and went on ‘retreat’. I told my family and friends,” I will not be talking on the phone for the next two days, or responding to messages. I am going on retreat. ” My ‘retreat’  was an essential part of my healing.

The Healing Waters of the Florida Keys
The Healing Waters of the Florida Keys

So, we were on our way to the Florida Keys. Just me, my son, my dog, and my sweetheart.  As soon as we got to Key Largo, I could really feel the energy change. I started to relax. And about 70 miles south of Key Largo was our campground.  Bahia Honda State Park. Bahia Honda is my favorite place in the Keys. The park is beautiful. There are trails, a nature center, nice bathrooms, and hot showers. The park is  popular, so Reserve early (or check for cancellations). By the way, there are three campgrounds in the park. My favorite campground is called Sandspur..And it has some campsites with amazing ocean views.Me and my dog Sadie:Dogs are Welcome at the Park, on a Leash, and not on the Beach

Me and my dog Sadie:Dogs are welcome at the Park, and on the Trails,  but no Dogs on the Beach
Reflecting, Cleansing Healing.... Had the beach to myself...;)
Reflecting, Cleansing,Healing…. Had the beach to myself…;)

As soon as we arrived and set up the tents,I felt so good.  The entire weekend was spent relaxing, healing, cleansing. Yoga on the beach, walking on nature trails, long meditations, good food, camping under the stars. The stars were magical….

Sometimes the best therapy, is turning off the phone, getting out of the city, looking up at the stars, and taking a retreat.

Relax and Breathe~Yogini Tiff


One thought on “Take A Retreat

  1. Thanks for the reminder on the importance of doing this for ourselves, especially teachers and healers. If we don’t replenish and clear out, we can’t help others do the same.

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