The Yogi and The Yoga Mat (Finding the Right Mat)

As a yoga teacher, my students often ask me  questions. And a common question is “What type of yoga mat should I buy?”  

Yoga without a Mat, Warrior Three, Finding balance in the Azores
Yoga without a Mat, Warrior III, Finding balance in the Azores

The Yogi and the Yoga Mat

Lets be honest, we don’t need a yoga mat to practice yoga. We do however (most likely),  need a yoga mat  if we are taking a yoga class. Often times a yoga studio will have mats students can borrow or rent. But as a yoga practice develops, there comes a time when a yogi, feels the need to acquire their very own yoga mat. The yogi and yoga mat spend so much time together.

When it comes to yoga mats, there are so many choices….

The cheapest yoga mats, are made of synthetic materials, they tend to be slippery and have a texture and smell I don’t particularly like. But I have used cheap yoga mats, I have used them a lot. If you have one and it works for you, continue to use it. And feel good about it. But, if you are thinking of buying a new mat, and you can afford it, remember to think about quality, durability, and of course, think about the environment. The purchase of a good quality Eco-Friendly mat will initially cost more, that is true, but a good quality mat, can outlast a cheaper mat by years! 

I celebrated my 36th birthday last week. In the morning, I taught a lovely yoga class, and walked  home to a discover a package at the door. A new yoga mat. A Jade Yoga Mat. Happy Birthday to me.

Jade yoga mats, are really good yoga mats.  I love the way my Jade mat feels.  Jade mats are made with natural rubber and have non-slip properties. I never slip.  These mats are long-lasting and the colors are beautiful too. I feel good practicing on a mat made from natural fibers.  And I feel good supporting a company that shows concern for the environment and actively helps build a kinder, healthier, and more peaceful world.

Birthday Girl, Happy about my new Jade Harmoney Yoga Mat...
Birthday smiles, Happy about my new Jade Harmony Yoga Mat…The Beginning of a long and loving relationship..

Here is a link to their website,check out Jade Yoga for yourself..

Please note:I know there are many good yoga mats to choose from and many great companies too. But I have found a mat I love and have been using  for years. Jade makes a very good quality mat.  Thank you Jade Yoga… 

Yoga with my new mat, at  17 weeks pregnant..
Yoga with my new mat, at 17 weeks pregnant..

~Yogini Tiff


5 thoughts on “The Yogi and The Yoga Mat (Finding the Right Mat)

    1. Thanks that is good to know. It is nice to have a strong long lasting mat. The reason my old jade yoga mat had to retire was because a friends puppy got a hold of it, and chewed it up really bad. Otherwise, i am sure i would still be using my old Jade. Yeah to yoga. ~Tiff

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