A Bee Love Story

Several years ago, I dated a beekeeper. Our first date ended with me  ripping off my dress and running frantically to my car..  

This is a story worth reading, it was probably one of the strangest and most memorable nights I have ever known. It was the beginning of my Bee love story…

I am lucky to be a part of a radical, loving, and very supportive community. Artists, musicians, farmers, beekeepers, etc. all make up this amazing group of people who have truly become family. It was through my friends, and our community, that i met a handsome, traveling beekeeper. We started of course, as just friends, and while there was mutual attraction, it never went farther than a smile, a laugh, a conversation, and sometimes a song.

About a year after we initally met, the beekeeper strolled back in to town.. I knew this time there would be romance. We went to our friends going away party (Ironically, it was themed the King and Queen party). I wore an old beautiful dress, and a cardboard crown the kids and I made together, and he was wearing a blue sheet as a royal cape. We spent nearly the entire evening next to each other, smiling, laughing,  and feeling a nervous sense of excitement. It was a full moon.

We talked in detail about his bees, and work. I asked him the very common question”Do you ever get stung?”He cleared his throat and replied extra-confidently,  “When you know how to move with the bees, they rarely sting. I hardly ever wear any protective gear because I don’t need it anymore.”

Totally fascinated, I replied “That is amazing! Will you teach me about bees?”

Little did I know, my first lesson would begin that evening.  It was getting late, I needed to go home, but the beekeeper said “I need to move a bee hive to our friends house, it will take 10 minutes, will you wait for me?” Flattered, I smiled and said “Of course!”

Knowing nothing about bees, I asked “You move the hives at night?”Again with confidence he replied “Yes, the bees stay in the hive at night,so it is a perfect time to move them.”

I thought all of this was very magical. Full moon, romance, honey.

It was about ten minutes later, that I saw my beekeeper,and he was covered in welts from bee stings. The bees were awake, and they were angry. We spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom pulling out stingers. He smiled said he was fine, that it was no big deal. His shirt was off, My heart was pounding.After we pulled out about 50 stingers, we walked outside. We looked lovingly into each other eyes. I could tell he was about to kiss me, and I was in total bliss.. our faces moved closer together, I began to close my eyes.. and then I heard buzzing. A lot of buzzing. The bees were awake, angry, and they were in my hair. I panicked. The beekeeper and another friend helped get the bees away from me, they both got stung, but luckily I didn’t. (Not that time).

Once the bees were out of my hair, we walked  down the path, adrenaline pumping, and once again we smiled.. I hugged him and said “Thank you for saving me.” We continued to hug, as we looked into each others eyes. Suddenly,and louder than ever, the buzzing came back! The bees flew up my dress and started stinging me on my butt. I ripped off my dress, tried to brush off the attacking bees, and I ran to my car in my bra and panties.

Both shocked and relieved (probably a little off balance from the bee stings, and the romance), I laughed and smiled as I drove home. Bee stings hurt, it is true. But that night was sweet and certainly memorable.

One might think that would be enough to scare me away from bees, but no. That was the beginning of my bee love story. Over the next several months, the beekeeper taught me about bees.  And although the sweetness of the romance with the beekeeper was short lived, that relationship taught me so much. And the sweetness of my love for bees continues..

And now, years later,  I have worked with and learned so much about bees. We cannot survive without them. I love bees. I respect bees.  Sometimes the sweetest things have a little bit of venom.

Honey Harvest, 22 weeks pregnant.. starting the baby early.
Honey Harvest, big pregnant belly.. starting the baby early.
Bees and Honey
Bees and Honey

😉 I harvested honey this week with a good friend of mine. I told her the story of the beekeeper. We laughed uncontrollably, as we  licked massive amounts of Mango honey.

Have a sweet day. Bee Happy.

~Yogini Tiff


4 thoughts on “A Bee Love Story

  1. It’s a cool story:) I believe bees are important part of our life 🙂 Tiff your interesting life amazes me:) I feel like I haven’t done much in my life 🙂 The baby belly looks cool 🙂

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