Sometimes It Is The Rain

Yesterday, I woke up and it was cold.The wind was howling. The rain heavy and coming down  sideways.

I had promised my son and two of his cousins that we would drive them to the other side of the island, so they could catch some fish..not to eat, but to stock their “little pond”. I thought for sure the weather would change their plans, but I was wrong. At 10am, exactly on schedule and smiling, the three boys were ready to go.

We tried to talk them out of it. The weather was insane. But they were determined.

Shivering from the cold but honoring my promise, we loaded up the car and headed out to their fishing spot.

My sweetheart and I dropped them off and laughed, “They will probably call us in an hour freezing, soaking wet,  and ready to come home.”

this is where we dropped off the crazy teens
Dark Morning: this is where we dropped off the crazy Portuguese Fishermen

A little excited for them and a little nervous, I turned the car around and decided I needed to go back, find the boys and take a picture of their  “crazy fishing adventure”.  I braved the weather and ran out and found them taking shelter in a nearby barn. Their excited smiles made me smile. Adventure! I quickly took a photo. And with that, I said goodbye, ran back to the car and they were on their own. Brrrrr..

Taking shelter from the wind and the rain, and having a blast

About an hour later, as common in the Azores, the weather changed, the rain stopped.

They we supposed to call us when they were done fishing. We waited until late in the afternoon for a phone call. No phone call. Wondering how they were doing and knowing they would be hungry, we drove out again and brought the boys sandwiches. When we arrived, we looked down the hill and saw all three of them silent, happy, and beautiful (this is yoga).  I sat on a  rock, nursed the baby, and enjoyed the rest of the day with them…

The beauty and peace of the Azores
The beauty and peace of the Azores
Gone Fishin'
Gone Fishin’

Lesson learned: Sometimes the rain is what makes the adventure so special and memorable.

Whatever the weather~Yogini Tiff


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