My IUGR Miracle Baby

Two months ago, I gave birth to a tiny baby girl. Weighing 4 pounds 6 oz, she was by far the tiniest baby I had ever seen. It was frightening. The Drs explained that my placenta never developed properly.

iugr photo
Her arms and legs were the size of my pointer finger (and I have small fingers)

I spent 7 weeks of my pregnancy on bed rest, crying, praying, and reading everything I could on the internet about IUGR. I had Dr. appointments 3 times a week, fetal non stress tests, and biophysical profiles.  At first i was told it was asymmetrical IUGR, but  as my pregnancy progressed, it became symmetric. Each growth scan showed my baby was slipping further and further off the charts. Until finally, the Dr decided we could wait no longer, (my fluids were very low, the baby distressed, and off the charts small) So, at 37 weeks, I was induced. The labor was difficult, the baby had frequent heart decelerations (more on that in another post). But once born, other than problems with low blood sugar, there was nothing wrong with her. She was just tiny. The Dr ordered a brain ultrasound to see if she had suffered from brain damage due to lack of nutrients and oxygen to her brain, thankfully, they found no problems.  All good. There were many other tests ordered that I refused. Our baby was so tiny, my instincts told me she needed love, rest, AND LOTS OF BREAST MILK.  Before we were discharged, she spent an hour and a half in the NICU, (and we were with her), so they could do a “car seat” test, to see if she was able to ride home in a regular car seat, or if she needed a special car seat for low birth weight babies. . she was fine.

At exactly 8 weeks old, we took her to the Dr’s here in Portugal (she was born in Florida), and were shocked and happy to discover, our little moon beam has gained 7 pounds. All from lots of breast milk and lots of love.

look at those chubby cheeks!
look at those chubby cheeks!
Cute little (not so little) Luna.. She has an Umbilical Hernia, (i had one too as a baby), They are usually harmless and painless, and go away on their own
Cute little (not so little) Luna.. She has an Umbilical Hernia, (i had one too as a baby), They are usually harmless and painless, and go away on their own

I had read that IUGR babies tend to recover quickly once out of the womb, and by looking at my chubby little cherub, I would say in our case it proves true.

my sweet little baby and I relaxing in the Azores
my sweet little baby and I relaxing in the Azores

To anyone experiencing a high risk pregnancy, my heart goes out to you.

~Yogini Tiff


7 thoughts on “My IUGR Miracle Baby

  1. What a little sweetie you have there. Tiny means nothing. Really look at dynamite, One stick is pretty small, but what a bang that carries.
    I’d say that you have truly been blessed. As much as I am sorry to hear that it was a difficult pregnancy, everything turned out just perfect. Look at it as a character building project.
    Brightest Blessings

  2. Becky Gore

    She’s beautiful! So glad to see how much weight she has gained and read the good reports on her health! Will be keeping you all in my prayers. Blessings

  3. I found your blog – accidentally – while looking for yoga retreat centers in the Azores. I stayed to enjoy your beautiful photos. Like you, I had a difficult pregnancy (a twin pregnancy) and found myself really using my yoga during scenarios that were challenging and when I found myself afraid. The practice is a blessing. I have Azorean heritage and have not had a chance to visit the islands yet. I’m hoping to take a group of students soon. If you have any recommendations for accommodations with studio facilities, I’d appreciate hearing from you. Thank you for your writing! ~Julianne

    1. Hi Julianne, sorry it took awhile to respond, if you read my latest post you will see why. Anyways, I am so glad you stumbled upon my blog, and will give you the limited information I have right now. There is one yoga studio in the islands (that i know of), it is on the island of Sao Miguel and is called Casa Vinyasa. I do not know the owners, but my friend Mandy does, and she has done workshops there too. I live on the island of Santa Maria, and there are two yoga teachers here. Myself, and my friend Mandy (a yoga teacher from England). We are working together to create a space for retreats, etc… on the island of Santa Maria… so stay tuned, and let me know when you are here, I would love to connect and maybe guest teach!!! If you send me your email, I can keep you updated.. And thanks again. Hugs to you and your twins. xx

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