Goodbye to my Sweet Beautiful Sadie

7 1/2 years ago, after a ‘May Day’ school performance in Hawaii, I surprised my son with a trip to the Humane Society.  He found the perfect little puppy and we named her Sadie.

So happy together
So happy together

Like all puppies, she was a little rascal, and a pain to potty train, but she was always very loving and sweet.

As she got older, it was clear  that she was no ordinary dog. I always used to say she was a guardian angel dog. As big as she was at 75 pounds, she was the most gentle dog I have ever known. She was blind in one eye, so we often called her “Sadie the One-Eyed Wonder Dog”

Good Ol' Sadie
Good Ol’ Sadie, letting a kitten dry nurse on her
happy dog (chicken in background)
happy dog (chicken in the bushes)

She became friends with a feral chicken who became our pet, they would sit outside together and they even shared food. Sadie was awesome. We had many adventures.

Sadie lounging in the Florida Keys
Sadie lounging in the Florida Keys

A few days ago, after suffering from multiple seizures, Sadie died. She had a very aggressive brain tumor. She was in a lot of pain.

I cried until I had no more tears.

It was very painful to tell my son, who is currently covered in chicken pox and already feeling miserable.

I know I am certainly not the first to lose a much-loved dog, but my goodness, it is very painful. Our whole family loved her dearly, especially my mom, who doesn’t even like dogs.

Feeling the need to be alone, I drove up to one of my favorite spots on the island, and stared out at the ocean for a long time.

I closed my eyes and said a prayer for my sweet Sadie. Feeling a little lighter, I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful rainbow. I like to believe she sent it.


We never know how long we have with our loved ones. But whether we can see them or not, the love is always there.

Rest in Peace my dear friend.

~Yogini Tiff


5 thoughts on “Goodbye to my Sweet Beautiful Sadie

  1. Tiff, we lost a dear pet this year also, Grace’s first cat, Tansy. Our beautiful Tansy-love-cat, a cat my husband Dave calls one of the greatest cats who ever lived. She was only 5 years old. I know how hard a journey this is. My heart is with you and Marlin. I am glad that you got to experience one of the greatest dogs who has ever lived, to love and be loved by her. Picturing you being surrounded by Sadie rainbows, love, Cynthia

    1. Oh Cynthia, thank you so much for sharing your story about Grace’s cat. It is hard to lose a loved one, in human, cat or dog form. My heart reaches out to you all too. Lots of rainbows. love, tiff

  2. troy

    thank you for your beautiful story…it certainly made me feel better about losing my dear sweet Rufus…our pets always hold a special place in our lives…if we could learn to love one another the way we love them, there would be no famine or war

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