Honoring the Hermit

If you know me, you know I love a good dance party, a good laugh, a big dinner with friends and family..I can teach a yoga class full of 50 or more people and not feel nervous..

BUT..If you know me really well, you know that while part of me is very outgoing and extroverted, there is another part of me that is not. I am in fact a hermit. I NEED to spend time alone.

As an empath, if I don’t spend time alone, my mind becomes a jumbled mess of other people’s thoughts and feelings, I become confused, exhausted, and very stressed.

Spending time alone helps me connect to my soul and the wisdom that resides deep within..  Spending time alone helps me reflect, reconnect, and recharge.

A Good Place to be a Hermit, Santa Maria Azores
A Good Place to be a Hermit, Santa Maria Azores

Yesterday was one of those days when I needed to be alone. I went up to the mountains, strapped the baby in the baby carrier, and went on a hike. I know I wasn’t technically alone, but the baby slept the whole time, and there was no talking involved. Just breathing and being present with the wisdom of the trees, my soul, the birds, my breath.

So much wisdom in a Forest
So much wisdom in a Forest

It is all about balance.

Spend some time ‘alone’, it can be very therapeutic! And you might even discover you like to be a hermit too. ~Yogini Tiff


4 thoughts on “Honoring the Hermit

  1. Thank you for sharing your blog! I’m happy that I read this post because it now inspired me to go out on a mama/baby hike! It didn’t dawn on me to go out in nature with my little one but will try our first one next week.✨🙏

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