Yoga Doesn’t End When I Step Off My Mat

In my heart and soul, I strive to live a true yogic lifestyle. And to me a ‘yogic lifestyle’ has nothing to do with a perfect body , or mastering a challenging pose.

Yoga is about quieting the “monkey mind” so that peace and real wisdom can help us grow and heal. Yoga  is like a “treasure chest” full of magic that helps us flow through our ever changing (and sometimes VERY challenging) lives. It is  breathing in warrior energy when we need to be strong. It is breathing in calming energy when we need to relax. Yoga is about ‘tuning in’ to that which is pure, wise, and magical.

Tuning In
Tuning In

Living a yogic lifestyle, is about living a healthy, connected, and compassionate life. About recognizing that material things will not bring lasting joy. It is about competing less, sharing more,  treating our bodies kindly, treating each other kindly, treating Mother Earth kindly. It is about “living simply, so that others may simply live.”


Sure the physical practice of yoga can reshape our bodies.  But more importantly is that yoga can help reshape our minds and hearts, so we can help create a better world. A world that is balanced.  

I know I am not perfect. But everyday, I am learning, I am growing, I am healing. I am breathing.

I want to help heal the world. Yoga doesn’t end when I step off my mat.

“Be the change that you want to see”~Gandhi


I know that many of us are “awakening”, and beginning to flow together. Living our practice.  And for this I bow to you.  Namaste~Yogini Tiff


2 thoughts on “Yoga Doesn’t End When I Step Off My Mat

  1. Mary Kathryn

    PERFECT. Thank you for sharing, Tiffany. You are so right- yoga is about tuning IN and connecting so that we are able to flow with the waves of life. I bow to YOU for sharing your light, your love, and your touch with me years ago.

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