Diapers: Cloth or Disposable?

I have a 3 month old baby. Diapers are a BIG part of my day. If you have a little one, diapers are a big (and sometimes stinky) part of your day too. Haha.

Cloth or Disposable?
Cloth or Disposable?

Striving to live an environmentally conscious life, I use cloth diapers all the time. I was given a big stack of cloth diapers from friends and a bunch of new and used nylon diaper covers.

It is easy to use cloth diapers. No more pins or plastic covers (old school style), the nylon covers with Velcro are the way to go...

But I do have a stash of disposable diapers. I use them when I know it might be awhile before I can change my daughter’s diaper and I keep  them  around just in case I run out of clean cloth diapers.

design your own diaper covers... ;)
design your own diaper covers… 😉

There is so much information on the internet about the impact of disposable diapers. There is a really good article about the dangers of disposable diapers that every parent should read: http://www.smallfootprintfamily.com/dangers-of-disposable-diapers

It takes 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. 

Disposable diapers are responsible for 1/3 of all the waste in landfills!!

When you look at the impact disposable diapers have on landfills, this is reason alone to use cloth diapers. It is frightening.When you see the list toxic chemicals put in many disposable diapers, the reason to use cloth, becomes even stronger. Add the fact that cloth diapers generally lead to earlier potty training, and it seems perfectly clear, we should all strive to use cloth.

When I had my son, (14 years ago), I was gifted 3 months of a diaper service. It was the best gift any new mother could receive. I felt so good about using cloth diapers, and even better that I didn’t have to deal with the added laundry.  If you have a little one in diapers,  check and see if there is a diaper service in your community. 

You do have to change cloth diapers more often, and if you don’t have a washer or a diaper service, then it becomes a little trickier. But if you can, go for cloth. You will feel better and our planet will too.  

showing off both Luna's umbilical hernia, and our favorite diaper cover made by Rumparooz
Showing off both Luna’s umbilical hernia, and our favorite diaper cover made by Rumparooz

Lets strive to leave our children a better, cleaner,  and healthier world.

For our babies and our planet~Yogini Tiff


One thought on “Diapers: Cloth or Disposable?

  1. rina

    Yes I agree 🙂 Your baby is so pretty 🙂 I believe that a lot people don’t realize the impact that it has on earth many babies lots of diapers its scary 500 years:( Have a cool day

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