Grateful for My Yoga Love

I am in the most loving relationship I have ever known.  I know without a doubt that yoga is what helps make our relationship so beautiful.

Neither of us are perfect, but yoga helps us connect and heal, so we are able to act and react from a higher consciousness….most of the time! HA!

 We both strive to be healthy, kind, loving, compassionate, flexible, balanced and strong (a yogic lifestyle). When one of us starts to seem off-balance, the other knows, and helps remind, that even just a few minutes, a few poses, a few deep breaths, a short meditation, can bring balance, clarity, and peace. We help each other.

Sometimes Joao lifts me up
The Kissing Pose
The perfect amount of Romance-The Kissing Pose+Joao’s work boots (Strong love)
Stacked Plank
Stacked Plank-Sometimes I hold all weight
beauty and peace of the azores
We rest and bond
We’ve got each others backs..
We trust
We play

We practice yoga together. We breathe together. Sometimes we fall together. But we get back up, wipe off the dirt, and flow. 

falls partner yoga
Tiffany Gore and Joao Mendonca Yoga Love

Grateful for my Yoga love~Yogini Tiff

The last few days have been beautiful and warm here in the Azores, so after my sweetheart got off work,  we went to Praia for some partner yoga magic.

Photography by Diana Melo   

Yoga by Yogini Tiff and Joao


3 thoughts on “Grateful for My Yoga Love

    1. Thank you.. the photos and the partner yoga are really just reminders of a good relationship. Sometimes I am the strong one, holding up Joao. Sometimes he is holding me up. Sometimes, we are perfectly balanced. Sometimes we are not. And we fall, but we forgive. Get back up.. the point is, if we connect, we can all create beautiful relationships.

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