Be present…And Let Nature Be Your Teacher

My friend owns an old water-mill house in the Azores. It is one of my favorite places on the island and certainly one of my favorite places to do yoga. There are no roads to get here, it is a hike.  The hike passes through a giant field of cactus, a cow pasture, and then down a steep hill.  There are no other houses. There are no other people. Today, needing to recharge, we spent the day there. We had a picnic, did some yoga, got our feet wet, and took some photos. We spent the day being present with the river (stream/ribeira). The sounds,the smells, the sun, the clouds, the bugs, the plants…everything was beautiful.

Natarajasana, Santa Maria Azores
Natarajasana (Dancer Pose), Santa Maria Azores

Breathing it all in..

be present, breathing it all in

I like to quietly explore, get my feet wet, and let nature be my teacher..

Warrior III, Santa Maria Azores
Warrior III in the Ribeira, Santa Maria Azores

My sweetheart took these photos. And in the photos, I am wearing clothes from my favorite yoga clothing company, be present.

As a yoga teacher (and student), I rarely wear anything I can’t do yoga in. I like clothes that are comfortable, cute, and honor my lifestyle. be present makes really high quality clothes that are perfect for hiking, yoga, and other adventures.. 😉

If you are looking for clothes and want to support a great and environmentally conscious company, I suggest checking out be present. Here is their website.

Magical Watermill house
Magical Watermill house

By the way, this is the same little river that passes in front of my house…. but I guess all rivers lead to the same place. Same is true with life. Enjoy it. Be present.

~Yogini Tiff


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